Moles can occur anywhere on the body or face. Over time some may get darker, bigger and more prominent and it is often at this point that our patients seek help.

Removal of Moles

It is great to know that there is a relatively simple way of removing all types of moles using the latest technology in cosmetic radio surgery. At Snowberry Lane Clinic, our experts are proud of the results we can achieve in a manner that is resouceful and time efficient.

The treatments are safe and effective with minimal risk. Raised lesions are dealt with by radio surgery under local anaesthetic. Luckily with this type of treamtent, patients usually don't require any cuts or stitches afterwards, leading to quicker healing and a shorter recovery period. Flat pigmented lesions, age spots or sun spots can often be treated simply with laser surgery, so you can look forward to quick and very effective results too. Snowberry Lane is also a top clinic to male mole removal.

Why wait any longer?

Removal of moles is a very straight forward procedure and carried out regularly here by our highly trained surgeons at Snowberry Lane Clinic. So to book your appointment just call us and we will book you in for an initial consultation at your convenience.

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