A Tattoo isn’t for life! We can remove them this Christmas.

Like an unwanted present you’ve been given, a tattoo might have seemed like a great idea in the lead up, but now that you have had it for a while you might be thinking it wasn’t such a good idea to begin with. Looking for a way to remove it? Snowberry Lane might just be able to help out.

tattoo removal

We are experts in removing tattoos with dedicated laser treatments. Now there are a number of factors involved in judging how successful the process will be. These include:

  • Size
  • Colour
  • The Ink
  • How long you’ve had it

When we get to take a look at it during consultation, we can gauge the success we’ll have with the removal.

Watching the video above you can see exactly what the process involves. The biggest worry patients have before coming and having a consultation is the fear that the removal will be just as painful as getting the tattoo was. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The lasers used are a form of intense light from a concentrated source.

When the laser is passed over the tattoo, it breaks down those ink particles in the skin. Now you might be worried that this will cause some issues with the ink now being in the blood stream, but the lasers break it down to such a small level your body’s natural drainage system can easily remove it without any harm being caused at all.

You can find out more about laser tattoo removal and download a brochure right here.

And you can see a great before/after comparison on our Tattoo Removal page.

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