Ways To Treat Acne

Why do people get acne? It isn’t a case of someone having bad skin or the skin not being clean, it is merely how well the skin reacts to changes. Acne can appear in different ways. The most common are pimples on the skin in the form of white heads and blackheads which everyone gets.

acne on face

The ‘acne’ most people are common to talking about are the pimples on the skin that don’t budge and over time leave little lumps and bumps that can to a small degree leave scars. These bumps become nodules under the skin that give it that distinctive look.

severity of acne

So what can Snowberry Lane do to help remove acne scars? We have a range of treatments available. Here are some of the more common types we use for removal.

Often seen as a ‘magical’ treatment for what it involves, microdermabrasion is a treatment ideal for those who are worried about using any lasers or having chemicals put in the skin. The treatment is carried out using crystals that are rubbed over the skin, with special care taken around the area acne is present. It is an advanced form of exfoliation that can encourage skin around the follicles (where acne originates) to feel rejuvenated and reduce the appearance acne creates. It is commonly used as part of a combination treatment for dealing with acne.

obagi difference

To give it its official title, Obagi Nu Derm, is a treatment that aims to give your skin a sense of renewal and improve the texture of the dermis. People often forget that skin is an organ and is doing quite a complicated job of trying to keep everything in order. For skin that is having trouble staying fresh, Obagi makes sure that the layers under the surface are working as best they can. If greatly improves the rate of change in the dermis (that is the area between your visible skin and the tissue) and brings about some radical changes to the skin.

It is great for acne as it can create a better uniform appearance on the face.

laser on acne

Laser Treatments
Laser treatments are used to treat everything from head to toe in the clinic. The variety of ways we can use lasers here is a subsection all of itself, but when it comes to combating acne problems, lasers are fantastic at stimulating the skin, bringing uniform change and creating significant change where it’s needed most.

The biggest fear patients have about lasers is the idea that they’ll penetrate the body. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Lasers are used in a way that is non-invasive i.e. no cutting you open or leaving scars. A laser will use heat on a desired area that needs help. The heat passes over the acne and acts as a catalyst for the collagen underneath which has been damaged from the pustule of the acne to realign and get to working how it always should have been. It is able to achieve this by attacking  bacterial porphyrins that the acne is composed of and obliterating their presence.

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