Alevere Special: The Food

Alevere Diet Food

The focus of Alevere is fat loss through a medically controlled diet and treatment plan. The treatments that accompany Alevere help to focus the fat loss and contour the body. The meal supplements control your calorie intake and ensure the body focuses on fat burning. A common negative outcome of fat loss through diet is often muscle loss, this is because your brain is fuelled by glucose, and in weight loss mode it can look to get it’s fuel by breaking down muscle. Alevere works to protect your muscle mass and focus the body on burning fat by introducing protein at intervals throughout the day to feed you brain and maintain fat loss.

The foods that form the diet side of the Alevere plan are designed to suit a variety of different taste buds, from savoury meals and snacks through to sweeter desserts and drinks. The aim of the food supplements are not only to cause weight loss, but also to help you to reset your eating habits over the course of the plan, one way they do this is because they contain less sugar than foods you might be used to, so when you complete the programme and return to normal foods your palette will be less susceptible to sweet foods. The reason that this is important is because eating sweet foods makes your body not only crave more, but also more likely to choose a sweet food the next time you eat, so breaking this behaviour can help to encourage the maintenance of the weight loss after the completion of the programme.

To get an idea of what a meal within the Alevere programme might look like take a peek at our gallery here.

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