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Ultrasound treatment

This week we discuss the combined treatments that form part of the Alevere Weight Loss Therapy programme.

As a client participating in the Alevere programme you would have weekly combined treatments of LPG (Lipomassage) and Ultrasound. The aim of this combined treatment approach is to help to shape your body and tighten your skin as you lose weight.

Why is Alevere different to other diets?

There are lots of different diets out there that can be effective and help you to lose weight. However, it is far too easy to lose weight in the wrong way. Drastically changing your diet (sometimes known as crash dieting) triggers your body’s survival mode, which means it’ll reduce your metabolic rate to hold on to the food it’s getting and it is likely to start breaking down muscle to power your brain. This leaves dieters feeling unwell and weak, and it’s incredibly hard to maintain.

If this weight is lost quickly and drastically, your body can also struggle to keep up and your skin that has been stretched does not regain its elasticity and is left appearing loose on your thinner frame. Alevere is designed to help you lose weight quickly whilst combating these negative side effects.

The treatments that form part of the Alevere Weight Loss Therapy programme work together to re-shape your body as you lose weight. This is achieved using two separate treatments. The first treatment is Ultrasound therapy to help break down stubborn areas of fat. During this treatment oil is applied to your skin which allows a specially designed hand piece to glide over your body, heating the treated areas to encourage fat breakdown.

The second treatment is LPG, which works to stimulate skin tightening and increase lymphatic circulation, meaning fat broken down by the Ultrasound treatment is easier to lose. During this treatment you would wear a specially designed body suit to facilitate the movement of the LPG hand piece. The LPG creates a vacuum like effect on the skin, stimulating collagen to help tighten and smooth the appearance of the skin and contour your body.

Watch the video below for a demonstration of both Alevere treatments:

It is also possible to have these treatments outside of the Alevere programme on their own if you are already in good shape and looking to tighten and smooth small areas of your body, we call this Med Contour.

If you’d like to talk to a member of the team for more details about Alevere Weight Loss Therapy or Med Contour, please give us a call on 01225 700072.

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