Alevere Therapy: Answering Your Questions

Have questions about Alevere Therapy? Get helpful answers from our insightful infographic.

Alevere weight loss therapy is one of the most popular treatments we provide here at Snowberry Lane. The amazing results our patients are seeing speak volumes for how effective and positive this approach to losing weight and keeping it off is.

There are many common questions our patients have when coming for a consultation with our experts. That is why we have created this handy infograph to provide information on what exactly Alevere is, how it works and what you can expect throughout the treatment plan.

Alevere Therapy Snowberry Lane

A handy video of the questions for you to share:

And a transcript of the infographic too:

What is Alevere Therapy?
It’s a safe and quick method of losing weight and transforming your body. Step 1: Nutrition plan that causes you to lose weight fast. Step 2: Body shaping. Stubborn fat is removed and loose skin is minimised.
Will I be hungry?
You won’t feel hungry, lethargic or lacking energy while going through Alevere Therapy. You can live normally and have energy to exercise. Blood sugar will be stabilised so you won’t have cravings.
What will I be eating?
During the therapy you will be eating regularly and probably more than before. There are different stages. To Start: You will have Alevere nutritional foods which are protein based. They range in sweet & savoury flavours which will enable you to create fun and tasty meals. You are also allowed unlimited quantities of fruit and veg. At each stage we will gradually bring other foods into your daily diet.
How quickly will I notice a change in my weight?
By sticking to the therapy you will lose weight quickly and in a consistent way. In a month, patients can lose between 6-12kg. The therapy is predictable so it will be easy to figure out how much weight you will lose on an average week.
Is there a chance of regaining weight once treatment is over?
Nothing will have been achieved if you’re new weight isn’t maintained. It’s important to maintain the diet. Once at you’re new weight, we use special equipment to measure your metabolic rate to then understand what should be in your diet and how much. We also arrange monthly check-ups to see how you’re adapting to your new lifestyle.
Do I need to do the treatments as well as changing my diet?
By dieting alone we can’t guarantee the body shape you want. By following our treatment programme, you make sure that you lose fat in the places you want, lose weight quickly and consistently, and we also help firm and tighten your skin.
Will there be a support network?
We’re there for you every step of the way. Also, patient support groups are available for any advice. You can speak to fellow people who went through the Alevere Treatment themselves.