Alevere Weight Reduction Therapy: Natalie’s Story

Natalie Alevere Weight Loss

We believe that Alevere is one of, if not, the best weight loss treatments available in the world today. We have helped patients from all over the country to achieve a level of weight loss they never thought imaginable and are able to maintain that ideal body weight thanks to Alevere. One notable example of this is Natalie’s story.

Natalie Alevere Weight Loss

You might have already seen this Daily article about Natalie’s incredible journey this week, but if you haven’t let us fill you in on how she managed to lose six stone in just under five months thanks to Alevere Weight Reduction Therapy.

Natalie was having trouble trying to conceive and felt that she wasn’t given the correct level of courtesy or correct advice whenever visiting a GP to talk about her options for pregnancy. After one visit became a soured experience “‘I was told to go away and come back when I had lost three stone”, Natalie sought out a weight loss plan that was more than just another diet fad. She was on the hunt for a permanent solution to what had become a long term issue.

Natalie before Alevere
Natalie before starting Alevere

After doing some research, Natalie came across Alevere Weight Reduction Therapy. What’s common among patients like Natalie is that the treatment suited her already active lifestyle. She practised Taekwondo for over a decade on a regular basis but like most of our patient just had a lot of trouble shifting that stubborn weight that refused to leave.

Alevere Weight Reduction
Natalie’s incredible results

From carrying out a long term course of Alevere which she still follows now, Natalie has transformed her lifestyle and finally feels that her bosy matches her lifestyle, even if she can’t quite believe it yet: “My brain hasn’t quite caught up. I keep picking up size 20 tops.”

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