Before & After Treatments


At Snowberry Lane Clinic we find it incredibly beneficial to show patients examples of what they can expect to achieve through one of the many weight loss treatments we provide. During the consultation process we share relevant case studies to demonstrate the kind of results that are possible from treatment. We wanted to share some examples below so we’ve highlighted some weight loss related images from our to showcase the amazing changes our weight loss treatments provide. Let’s take a look.


After a person has lost a considerable amount of weight, the remaining skin can sometimes lose elasticity, which can be a very disheartening outcome after so much hard work. In the image above you can see how a patient with this problem was able to effectively use Bodytite to tighten this area. The two images were taken 4 months apart and highlight how this type of treatment not only targets the area we really want to see change in, but also firms up the appearance of the skin to create a comprehensive change.


In this image, you’re looking at the difference Bodyjet achieved for one patient who was having trouble with fat deposits in the middle of their back; a very stubborn area. You can see the main areas the patient wanted to treat in the images on the left, and then the amazing improvements in the image on the right. The photos were taken before the treatment and four months after. It highlights how the back now appears much smoother with those stubborn areas of fat greatly diminished.


Moving from the back to the front of the body, we love showing this example of how much of an impact Bodytite can have when used on the stomach. The difference here is incredible and you can see how the treatment tightens up the skin at the side and manages to reduce a large area around that lower stomach which is commonly a very hard area for men to lose weight from.

Natalie Alevere Weight Loss

It would be remiss of us if we didn’t end this blogpost without showing you the astounding before and after comparison of Natalie. If you haven’t read her incredible journey using Alevere Therapy on the blog before, you should take time to hear all about it right here. She lost an incredible amount of weight in a short period of time thanks to this remarkable treatment. You can see for yourself other examples of the life-changing transformations Alevere promotes from the dedicated Alevere gallery.

After looking at these comparison images, if you are interested in learning more about the weight loss treatments we provide here at Snowberry Lane Clinic, please feel free to get in touch. You can call and speak to someone on 01225 700072, e-mail us directly at or by contacting the clinic and requesting a callback (you can do so by clicking here)