Body Month: Advanced Changes with BodyTite

bodytite improvement

Week 2 of body month sees us taking a look at BodyTite. It’s a unique and revolutionary way of dealing with excess fat and skin problems that has seen some incredible results for our patients. If you’re someone who has a lot of trouble improving the appearance of skin around the stomach and upper legs, this is an ideal method. Here is what BodyTite is about and what it can do.

bodytite thighs

Bodytite is a form of assisted lipo-tightening i.e. a form of fat removal that uses a particular technology to make the removal process less harmful and cause a secondary action during the extraction of fat. This secondary action we’re taking about is the creation of stronger bonds between the layers of skin. The bonds you have between layers of skin are like Velcro. The more they’re used to abuse (in this case stretching) or inactivity, the less efficient they are. With a treatment like this, you’re essentially creating new strips of Velcro to bind layers together and strengthen them.

before and after bodytite

And how do we strengthen these layers? With the use of radio frequency. By creating a concentrated series of radio waves over an area, fat under the skin will heat up gently and become easy to remove, in much the same way as a warm dish cloth can remove a stain easier when its hotter than the surface its being applied on . As it removes the fat, the radio waves are also giving a nudge for your natural collagen bonds to once again seek each other out, and when they do your skin will become firmer.

bodytite stomach

BodyTite works so well because it is going after the softer tissue that is quite stubborn in its methods to change and making sure that it is acting on a desired area. Add on to that the fact that it is minimally invasive, and you can see why the comparison images we can show you are lacking any visible signs of activity having been carried out.

As you can see from the video above, you can visualise precisely how BodyTite works and just what it does to cause such an effective change. No other treatments can really offer such positive improvements in a way that is harmless.

You can read more about BodyTite on its own page right here or by downloading a brochure. Next week on the blog we’ll be looking at Body Acne and the ways in which we can treat it.