Body Month: Body Acne & Removing The Lasting Effects

Body acne happens to almost everyone. Completely flawless skin is something that just isn’t attainable for many people. While most of us go through an awkward stage of having it through the teenage years, many adults are prone to getting acne in different parts of the body, with the face and back being the most common. At the clinic we have a number of different treatments at hand to combat this problem and remove the signs of scarring that acne can leave.

Back acne is something we see a lot of people have, especially with those who lead a very athletic and active lifestyle. While it mightn’t be as painful as other problems, it can create a massive sticking point for someone’s body confidence. We have three popular methods for treating acne all around the body: Obagi, Laser and Microdermabrasion. Each has its own individual pros at treating body acne in different areas.

Seeing acne as concentrated and noticeable as this above image is one thing can be treated with a laser. Lasers are great at reducing the chances of visible scars from appearing because they are non-invasive and really alter the state of bacterial porphyrins (how the acne is made up) and leaving the area treated with as close to a sking tone as the surrounding skin as possible.

Many celebrities, Katy Perry included, have problem with acne on the face. Treating this area can be worrisome for patients because they don’t want anything bad to happen. Microdermabrasion is the best treatment if this is a concern you would have. It is unique because it doesn’t involve any chemicals or laser being applied to the skin. Instead, we use medical grade crystals placed in to a device we rub over the desired area. The crystals help to remove any dead cells from those upper layers and bring about a level of exfoliation you’d never get from a store bought cream. It is also a good treatment for those with lots of open pores around the nose who constantly suffer from blackheads.

Obagi is useful for those with blotchy skin and acne. It aims to create a level area of skin i.e. uniform in appearance, and drastically reduce the appearance acne can leave. A typical Obagi treatment would see a patient also feel a little firmer too as it has the ability to bolster the growth of collagen under the surface.

You can read more about back acne treatments at the clinic right here, or you can download a brochure about acne and rosacea from our brochure page.

Next week as the last post in Body Month, we’ll be looking at what BodyJet can do for those looking to get rid of fat from problem areas.