Body Month: Getting Assistance from Body Jet

This week as part of Body Month on the blog, we’re taking a look at Body Jet. Dr. Gabriel here at the clinic was one of the first in the UK to provide Body Jet and has become known as an expert in using this unique technique to help provide such an advanced form of liposuction. Here we’ll explain what it is and how it helps.

body jet

To firstly gauge what Bodyjet is, you have to know what it is working on. In the body there are areas of viable fat that can easily be removed. These parts only need a little bit of a nudge and shove to get a move on and leave. Bodyjet encourages this action by gently forcing stubborn areas of fat to reduce in size and then removing them.

bodyjet needle

This is how the process works. A cannula does a duel purpose of introducing fluid in to the desired area, breaking down the fatty tissue and then instantly absorbing the fluid in. This is an important part of the process as having a minimal amount of fluid pumping in and out will reduce the feeling of discomfort than other lipo-style treatments can create. This doesn’t create a void so much as reduce the possibility of one. And that is why Bodyjet doesn’t require the patient to have a general anaesthetic.

Other pros for this type of treatment include a minimised downtime in comparison to similar treatments, a reduced level of pain , a shorter length of time spent carrying out the operation and much smoother results quicker from the lack of inflammation.

bodyjet exampleIf you’d like to read more about Body Jet you can read about it on its dedicated page right here.

And if you’d like to get in contact with the clinic to enquire more about having a procedure like this carried out, or want to know about other body contouring treatments we provide, then get in touch via by requesting a callback and we’ll be in touch when its most convenient for you.