Body Month: Taking A Look At Body Contouring

September is Body Month on the Snowberry Lane Blog. Throughout the month we’re going to be focussing on different body treatments we carry out every day and let you know a little but more about how they work, what they do, and how they can change your life. We thought we’d start off Week 1 by letting you know more about one of the broadest terms used in cosmetic surgery body treatments.

Body Contouring, very simply put, is the process of contouring the space under the skin in order to improve its appearance and firmness. How is this carried out? Well there are a number of different treatments; the most popular being Bodyjet and Bodytite. These are two that we’ll go in to more detail about over the next two weeks on the blog but they use laser technology through radio-frequency to eliminate and remove fatty deposits under the skin in such a way that deeper layers of skin bind together and become tighter.

Body Contouring

You’ll notice on the photos above and below that body contouring is a great tool if you’re looking to tighten up around the stomach and waist. This is an area that is a great cause of concern for many of our patients because it is do hard to change and through the use of radio therapy we can help skin not just regain but increase to a level of firmness it might not have had before.

Body Contouring Waist

Now the biggest concern patients have with body contouring is the after effect it will leave on the body. The procedures we carry out minimally invasive and the only noticeable signs you’ll be left with are reduced size and better looking skin. You can watch an animation of the body contouring process right here to see for yourself what it involves.

Body Contouring Arms

Now body contouring can be used all over the body, not just the stomach and waist. Patients who really don’t like having dreaded ‘bingo wings’ will commonly use body contouring as a means to tighten up the extremely stubborn skin around the underarm. And it isn’t just females who use this treatment. We get a lot of men come through our doors who use it as means to greatly reduce their belt size and get rid of undersired beer bellies that have been causing a massive knock to body confidence.You can find out more about body contouring for men right here and take a look at the difference just one use can create.

And if you’d like to read some brochures about the different contouring techniques we use, you can download a brochure one right here.

Next week on the blog as part of Body Month we’ll be looking in depth at BodyTite