Caring For Your Hands

Our hands go through an awful lot on a daily basis. In this week’s blog post, we discuss ways of protecting our hands from the elements and keeping them smooth, soft, and full of life. These simple steps will help to keep your hands looking and feeling great.

Clean your hands correctly

To most people, this could well be blindingly obvious, but for best results you should wash your hands with warm water and use a soap brand that is antibacterial. By using warm water, it is the effective method for removing bacteria and unwanted germs. Rinse your hands and apply a small amount of antibacterial soap. By rubbing your hands together, cleansing the back of your hands, knuckles and fingernails, you’ll rid yourself of any bacteria or germs on your hands.

Dry hands after washing

Drying hands after washing is more important than you think, if left wet, the water will evaporate from the skin leaving your hands dry and damaged.


Use a lotion that is specific for your hands. By keeping your hands hydrated they stay smooth and soft for longer. Keep moisturisers in places that are easily accessible when you need them such as your handbag, your bedside table or in your car. Always choose moisturisers with an SPF of factor 30 or more, this will help prevent against sun damage, which can lead to age spots.

Exfoliate your hands

If your hands are prone to rougher skin, ensure exfoliating your hands is part of your routine. Be mindful to avoid exfoliators with plastic micro beads as these are bad for the environment, and steer clear of exfoliators containing crushed fruit kernels as these are jagged and can cause damage to your skin.

The use of hand sanitiser

You might be away and not have adequate facilities to wash your hands so the use of a hand sanitiser will keep your hands clean and fresh while you’re on the go. Be sure to moisturise after using hand sanitiser as the alcohol contained in the gel can dry your hands out when used frequently.


Treating yourself to manicure every now and then will help to keep your hands healthy and nourishe your nails.

Treatments for hands


This treatment helps to minimise lines and wrinkles on the hands to make them look younger and rejuvenated. Mini injections are targeted at the cells that cause issues, these can be areas which are dull, loose or lacking vitality. A solution filled with natural amino acids and vitamins creates a balance for co-enzymes to thrive, leading the skin to appear more youthful and rejuvenated.

Photo Dynamic Rejuvenation Skin Treatment

Procedures like this can help to alleviate wrinkles, age spots and other signs of aging. A cold gel is applied to the damaged area and intensive pulse light targets the damage to reduce the appearance of the signs of aging.

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