What makes Alevere a good option for me?

As one of our most popular treatments, Alevere weight loss therapy is proving to be a treatment our patients want to know more about. Today we want to talk to you about how Alevere can help Improve Your Lifestyle:

It’s fast acting

When you see the before and after pictures of Alevere clients, you might find it hard to believe they lost their weight in such a short period of time. This is because the treatment is designed to optimise weight loss through both diet and treatments. This means that your body is actively engaging in change and isn’t in a passive state like it can be in other dieting options.

It’s healthy

Alevere isn’t about dropping a few sizes as quickly as possible. It’s focussed on getting the body to the a healthier state so that you really feel the benefit. At the start of your journey we go over all of your body’s key statistics as well as running a blood test to check your health. Throughout the process our bloods are monitored on a monthly basis and you will have reviews with a Doctor to ensure that everything is moving in the right direction and all of the changes that are occurring are positive.

Its rewarding

The last thing we want Alevere to be is a negative therapy treatment. We’ve all been on diets that make us feel drained and miserable. You will meet with a therapist on a weekly basis who will help you to maintain your focus and momentum so you don’t feel like you’re going it alone.

Interested in finding out some more information regarding Alevere weight reduction? We’d love for you to get in touch with the clinic by emailing us enquiries@snowberrylane.co.uk

If you’d like to read some more about Alevere, you can do just that at http://www.snowberrylane.co.uk/treatments/alevere-wiltshire.html, where you’ll get more detailed information what you can expect when going through treatment.

Day 23: Alevere

SUMMARY: Alevere Therapy is a weight loss treatment plan that is medically supervised. It combines a meal replacement diet plan with weekly treatments that help promote natural fat loss and skin tightening. This two tier approach to weight loss helps the body to transform positively without surgery whilst minimising the associated risks of extreme dieting.

BEST FOR: Weight loss with body contouring

NUMBER OF TREATMENTS: Depends on target weight

TREATMENT TIME: Weekly combined treatments 75-90minutes each


SENSITIVITY PERIOD: Very mild discomfort during treatment

BACK TO WORK: Straight away

DURATION OF RESULTS: Permanent if maintenance programme followed and healthy diet and lifestyle implemented

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Medically Assisted Weight Loss

Earlier this week ITV featured a documentary called Lisa Riley’s Baggy Body Club. The show centred on Lisa Riley a TV personality who was left with a vast amount of loose skin after losing 12 stone over 18 months. She found that there were lots of people in a similar situation, whom after making incredible weight loss achievements now faced a barrier to self-confidence that they weren’t expecting.

Losing any amount of weight to improve your health is an incredible feat that should absolutely be celebrated, and it’s a real tragedy that people are made to feel like their skin is unsightly. Lisa elected to undergo surgery to remove over a stone of loose skin from her body, but this is not something that many people want to do or can afford.

Here at Snowberry Lane Clinic we offer a weight loss programme called Alevere, that uses a combination of medically designed meal replacements and treatments to help smooth and tighten the skin as the weight it lost. Our aim is to mitigate against the situation that people find themselves in, so they can reach weight loss milestones without having a negative impact after the goal is achieved. We have an in house Psychotherapist who is on hand for appointments throughout your programme or after you’ve completed the plan as we’re very aware that food can be deeply connected to emotions.

To give a brief overview of how it all works: Alevere is a medically supervised diet and treatment programme, designed by medical professionals to maximise weight loss without negatively impacting the rest of the body. The programme comprises an initial consultation with a Doctor, as well as monitoring blood tests and monthly reviews with a Doctor to ensure that you are safe and healthy and burning fat rather than muscle. As a rough guide, the Alevere programme aims for a weight reduction of 6 to 12 kilos per month.

The diet plan involves changes that will see you approaching food in a different way, with the focus on resetting your eating habits and educating you on how to eat healthily. The body contouring treatments help to mobilise stubborn fat so that it can be removed naturally by the body, as well as stimulating your lymphatic system. Lymph glands are all over your body, their primary function is to catch and trap unwanted particles flowing through your system that can then be removed by the body. Being significantly overweight can prevent lymph nodes from working properly, especially around the joints, Alevere treatments target the lymph nodes to help them drain and ease this.

Alevere weight loss therapy aims to support you throughout your weight loss journey and beyond, everyone who has lost a significant amount of weight knows that the hardest thing is keeping the weight off. We run a maintenance programme to ensure that after you have reached your target weight you do not feel daunted by life after the programme.

We hope this article was informative. If you would like to speak to someone from the clinic, please do get in touch by phoning us on 01225 700 072 or requesting a call-back from the clinic here.

Alevere Special: The Treatments

Ultrasound treatment

This week we discuss the combined treatments that form part of the Alevere Weight Loss Therapy programme.

As a client participating in the Alevere programme you would have weekly combined treatments of LPG (Lipomassage) and Ultrasound. The aim of this combined treatment approach is to help to shape your body and tighten your skin as you lose weight.

Why is Alevere different to other diets?

There are lots of different diets out there that can be effective and help you to lose weight. However, it is far too easy to lose weight in the wrong way. Drastically changing your diet (sometimes known as crash dieting) triggers your body’s survival mode, which means it’ll reduce your metabolic rate to hold on to the food it’s getting and it is likely to start breaking down muscle to power your brain. This leaves dieters feeling unwell and weak, and it’s incredibly hard to maintain.

If this weight is lost quickly and drastically, your body can also struggle to keep up and your skin that has been stretched does not regain its elasticity and is left appearing loose on your thinner frame. Alevere is designed to help you lose weight quickly whilst combating these negative side effects.

The treatments that form part of the Alevere Weight Loss Therapy programme work together to re-shape your body as you lose weight. This is achieved using two separate treatments. The first treatment is Ultrasound therapy to help break down stubborn areas of fat. During this treatment oil is applied to your skin which allows a specially designed hand piece to glide over your body, heating the treated areas to encourage fat breakdown.

The second treatment is LPG, which works to stimulate skin tightening and increase lymphatic circulation, meaning fat broken down by the Ultrasound treatment is easier to lose. During this treatment you would wear a specially designed body suit to facilitate the movement of the LPG hand piece. The LPG creates a vacuum like effect on the skin, stimulating collagen to help tighten and smooth the appearance of the skin and contour your body.

Watch the video below for a demonstration of both Alevere treatments:

It is also possible to have these treatments outside of the Alevere programme on their own if you are already in good shape and looking to tighten and smooth small areas of your body, we call this Med Contour.

If you’d like to talk to a member of the team for more details about Alevere Weight Loss Therapy or Med Contour, please give us a call on 01225 700072.

Alevere Special: The Food

Alevere Diet Food

The focus of Alevere is fat loss through a medically controlled diet and treatment plan. The treatments that accompany Alevere help to focus the fat loss and contour the body. The meal supplements control your calorie intake and ensure the body focuses on fat burning. A common negative outcome of fat loss through diet is often muscle loss, this is because your brain is fuelled by glucose, and in weight loss mode it can look to get it’s fuel by breaking down muscle. Alevere works to protect your muscle mass and focus the body on burning fat by introducing protein at intervals throughout the day to feed you brain and maintain fat loss.

The foods that form the diet side of the Alevere plan are designed to suit a variety of different taste buds, from savoury meals and snacks through to sweeter desserts and drinks. The aim of the food supplements are not only to cause weight loss, but also to help you to reset your eating habits over the course of the plan, one way they do this is because they contain less sugar than foods you might be used to, so when you complete the programme and return to normal foods your palette will be less susceptible to sweet foods. The reason that this is important is because eating sweet foods makes your body not only crave more, but also more likely to choose a sweet food the next time you eat, so breaking this behaviour can help to encourage the maintenance of the weight loss after the completion of the programme.

To get an idea of what a meal within the Alevere programme might look like take a peek at our gallery here.

If you’d like to talk to a member of the team for more details about Alevere Weight Loss Therapy please give us a call on 01225 700072.

What You Can Eat To Lose Weight – Eating With Alevere

Can dieting ever be truly effective? We believe that when it’s part of combined therapy programme, it can be. Our patients have been seeing incredible results thanks to this new approach to weight loss. To help lift some of the mystery surrounding Alevere and give you a better insight in to how the treatment works, we want to share some key points about the diet that forms part of the individual plan for each Alevere client today on the blog. Continue reading