Ways To Improve The Lips

Maintaining lips that look and feel full and voluminous can become increasingly difficult as you age. Over time this loss of volume can cause lack of definition around the edge of the lips and Cupid’s bow area, there are many quick fixesthat can be achieved with some clever make-up to mask this, but if you’re looking for a longer term solution we have some treatment options that might interest you.
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The Permalip Diary

PermaLip is a procedure that can restore the youthful fullness that we lose naturally through age for patients wanting a more permanent effect then temporary fillers.

The procedure itself, carried out under local anaesthetic, involves a small incision at either side of the lip where the PermaLip implant is threaded through and centred. The implant itself is shaped from soft cohesive gel silicon and being a soft, solid elastomer, the implant follows the shape of the lips.