Acne Therapy

Laser Treatment for Acne: This treatment works by using the powerful light from the laser to target and damage the wall of bacteria cells within the skin, the aim is to kill the bacteria, which helps to reduce symptoms and therefore the visible signs of Acne. Secondly laser treatment can help to reduce inflammation and… Continue reading Acne Therapy

Obagi’s Most Popular Skincare System

The Obagi Nu-Derm System, is a special skin care treatment which will be prescribed to you by a medical physician. Its function is to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin to accelerate cellular turnover helping to: Push fresher cells to the surface faster, for smoother skin. Reduce mottled pigmentation (freckles and age spots).… Continue reading Obagi’s Most Popular Skincare System

Obagi Special: Medically Designed Skincare for You

Obagi treatment systems focus on combatting common skin conditions, including: Sun damage Dull skin Fine lines Acne Pigmentation Texture issues The active ingredients in Obagi products are designed to help activate the skin’s own ability to generate moisture and modulate oil production as well as helping to increase your skin’s resilience to external factors. OBAGI… Continue reading Obagi Special: Medically Designed Skincare for You

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Obagi in the spotlight!

It’s not just us who are big fans of Obagi products – we’re very excited to share 6 recent press features where Obagi products have been selected as top performers in their category. Obagi Radiance Peel In Vanity Fair’s Best New Facials of 2017, the Obagi Radiance Peel is called out as a great way… Continue reading Obagi in the spotlight!

Reveal Magazine – Obagi Feature

Obagi Hydrate moisturiser has been featured in Reveal Magazine. It was selected by Dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting as an excellent moisturiser to use when going through acne treatment, which can have a drying effect on your skin: Reveal Magazine

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