Weight Loss at Snowberry Lane

Weight loss is so much more than just an easy fix treatment, this week on the blog we’re looking at some options that aim to give lasting results.

Thousands of people in the UK use the internet to search for practical solutions for weight loss and healthy lifestyle changes every week. The reality is that what works well for one person might have little to no affect on another. Each individual requires a different solution, tailored to their particular needs and aims to enable successful and sustained weight loss. . We offer a three tier approach to weight loss at Snowberry Lane Clinic. This includes Body Contouring Treatments, Weight Reduction Therapy and Weight Loss Surgery and within each category are further options that enable us to give the most effective treatment for you.

Body Contouring Treatments:

Body contouring treatments stimulate the break down of fat in a natural manner, making it easier for the body to absorb and remove any excess fluid. This type of treatment also helps to activate the collagen beneath the surface of the skin, which when coupled with an increase of blood flow around the concerned areas, helps to give the skin a tighter and smoother appearance.

Weight Reduction Therapy:

Commonly referred to as Alevere Weight Reduction Therapy, this is a medically designed diet and treatment plan that aims to help you safely lose a large amount of weight over a short period of time. The programme also includes weekly body contouring treatments that aim to help reduce sagging skin, which is a common side effect of dramatic weight loss.

Weight Loss Surgery:

Our surgical weight loss options are minimally invasive alternatives to traditional forms of fat reduction, such as liposuction. We have two principle methods of removing fat from stubborn areas, the first Bodytite, uses heat to help breakdown fat cells so that they can then be removed from the body more easily.

The other method of removing unwanted pockets of fat uses a medically designed water based solution. Body Jet (sometimes referred to as Aqua liposuction) removes fat in a much less abrasive fashion than traditional liposuction. It helps to loosen the fat cells from the surrounding areas, which makes it easier to remove.


If you do feel that you would like Snowberry Lane Clinic to assist you on your weight loss journey, something to consider is an appointment with our Psychotherapist. Weight loss is a lot more complicated than just the physical reduction in fat, especially when it is involves a lifestyle change that needs to be maintained long term. Our Psychotherapist is available to help at any point along your journey and is a valuable resource to utilise to help your treatment to be as effective as possible.

If you’d like to know more about the weight loss options we provide here at Snowberry Lane, please get in touch with us by calling 01225 700072. You can also e-mail us at enquiries@snowberrylane.co.uk

New Years Resolutions

First of all we’d like to wish you a very happy new year from the team at Snowberry Lane Clinic, and we hope that 2018 brings you everything you are hoping for.

Much like everyone else we are starting our new year with different resolutions no matter how big or small they are, but it can often be hard to keep them going. One of the most common resolutions centres around fitness and weight loss which is why we are taking the time to let you know a little bit more about the weight loss treatments and procedures available at Snowberry Lane.

At Snowberry Lane Clinic we treat each case individually and take the time to speak to you and find out your individual situation before advising and moving on with weight loss treatments, therapies and surgeries.

More often than not a New Years resolution will incorporate some kind of pre-existing diet or plan to greatly reduce what you eat or certain food groups. As you can imagine this is quite a shock to the system and is not ideal for everyone that tries it, often leading to people not being able to stick to the plan, or yo-yo dieting. We try to encourage more sustainable methods that include lifestyle changes. The first step to any treatment is always a consultation to determine the best treatment option for each individual. Below we outline some treatment options to give you an idea of what we can offer:

Weight Loss Treatments

Our weight loss treatments offer a more natural way to reduce fat in problem areas via pioneering technologies. The treatments, which include Med Contour and Bodyjet, encourage fat by simulating a natural breakdown of fat in these problem areas. You can read more about it here, on our weight loss treatments page.

Weight Reduction Therapy

This uses a combination of treatments as well as a food plan, which is personalised to your own situation.  Alevere therapy helps you not only benefit from the treatments but understand more about how the body works which will help you in any long term weight loss goals you might have as well. You can read more about Alevere weight reduction therapy here.

Weight Loss Surgery

Our surgical options could be helpful to people who are concerned by the longer recovery times of traditional surgeries. Weight loss surgery options at Snowberry Lane are minimally invasive or non invasive and can therefore reduce recovery times considerably. You can read more about our weight loss surgery options which include Bodytite and Body Jet by visiting our dedicated weight loss surgery page here.

Quick Weight Loss Options

Last but not least are our options for people hoping to get faster results on weight loss. You can visit our Quick Weight Loss Options page here to find out a little more about the options available to you at Snowberry Lane.

If you are looking for a bit of help or advice in regards to weight loss in the UK we can be found in Melksham, Wiltshire or you can request a call back to discuss your options by visiting us here where we will be happy to help you in any way we can.

Liposuction versus Non-invasive Fat Reduction

Some people have areas of fat that they are unable to shift through diet and exercise. Common problem areas include the lower abdomen, inner and outer thighs, flanks and upper arm areas.

For many years traditional Liposuction was the preferred treatment method to permanently remove these unwanted pockets of fat. However, as advancements in technology and medicine have arrived, now non-surgical or minimally invasive alternatives to liposuction have become as popular offering benefits such as less downtime and requiring only local rather than general anaesthetic.

Here at Snowberry Lane Clinic we specialise in non-surgical alternatives to Liposuction including Bodyjet and Bodytite.

Pros & Cons of traditional and non-invasive Liposuction

Both treatments are recommended as options for people who are happy with their weight, but looking to reduce fat in problem areas that are resistant to diet and exercise. Here we look at the advantages and disadvantages of both treatments.

Level of invasiveness

Traditional Liposuction is an invasive treatment requiring general anaesthetic and scalpel incisions. It is a more aggressive form of fat reduction removing a higher volume of fat and can create trauma in the treatment area, which leads to bruising, tenderness and swelling for approximately two weeks after the procedure. Bodyjet and Bodytite treatments are designed to be more gentle, requiring only a local anaesthetic. However the treatment is still likely to create tenderness, swelling and bruising, but it will be to a lesser extent than traditional liposuction.

Effectiveness and results

Liposuction results are visible within 6 months, and you should be able to see some difference after the swelling has subsided after treatment. Bodyjet and Bodytite are two-fold, some fat is removed at the time of treatment, but some fat is loosened and broken down in a way that makes it possible for your body to remove it more easily. This method allows for more natural looking results that take longer to show, with the results developing over the following weeks and months after the procedure.


Liposuction usually asks patients to restrict everyday activities after the procedure for several days to two weeks. Our non-invasive alternatives do not require an extended healing period and patients can return to daily activities straight away, although experiencing tenderness is likely. Results for nonsurgical fat reduction are less noticeable but you will be able to return to your normal daily routine (excluding exercise) much sooner.

Which is Right for Me?

Traditional Liposuction still tends to be the choice for clients with larger areas of stubborn fat, as non-invasive alternatives are limited in the amount of fat the can remove, typically around the volume equivalent to two cans of soft drink. However, some negatives include higher cost, longer down time and greater risk of complications.

Non-surgical fat reduction such as Bodyjet or Bodytite are more suitable for candidates who are at their ideal weight but have smaller stubborn areas to remove. The negatives include less dramatic results that show more slowly over time and the potential to need multiple treatments.

What to do now?

If you are interested in exploring your options further, a great starting point is a consultation. Please give us a call on 01225 700072 to talk to someone today or click here to request a callback.

Week One Treatments For Men: Weight Loss


It’s a common misconception that the cosmetic industry caters solely for women, so today we’d like to introduce you to three of our weight loss treatments that are popular with our male clients.

Alevere Weight Loss Therapy

Who is this treatment is for?

Alevere Therapy is designed to help people loose large amounts of weight over a short period of time without resorting to surgery.

How does it work?

Alevere is a medically supervised weight loss plan. The approach has two tiers:

  1. Tier 1 is a medically designed meal replacement diet.

Alevere meals offer a broad selection of savoury to sweet options including hot and cold drinks as well. The majority of the meals are made from specially formulated mixes that are simple and easy to prepare.

  1. Tier 2 is a combination of non-surgical treatments.

A common problem with rapid weight loss is that often skin that has been stretched and lost elasticity struggles to shrink back to the new physique. To combat this we use Ultrasound Therapy to help break down stubborn areas of fat. We then follow this with LPG treatment to stimulate collagen and smooth the skin.

Read more about Alevere here.

Body Contouring for Men

Who is this treatment is for?

Body contouring includes treatments like Bodytite and Bodyjet, these are forms of surgical fat reduction that are most suitable for people with small stubborn areas of fat that they are unable to shift with conventional weight loss techniques.

How does Bodytite work?

BodyTite™ uses Radio Frequency Assisted Lipo Tightening (RFAL) to gently heat and therefore melt excess fat. After the fat is loosened and broken down in this way it becomes much easier to remove. The benefit of Bodytite versus traditional liposuction is that it is much less invasive, this means less downtimeand more natural looking results.

How does Bodyjet work?

Bodyjet uses pulses of medically designed fluid beneath the skin to loosen fat. Once the fat has been loosened it is then removed using a thin cannula. The fluid used in Bodyjet contains anaesthetic to reduce any discomfort during the treatment. The benefit of Bodyjet versus traditional liposuction is a local anaesthetic is used in the treatment area, the client is not put to sleep, so the treatment time and recovery time are greatly reduced. The method of treatment also allows good visibility and continuous assessment of the fat reduction throughout surgery allowing for more effective treatment.

Read more about body contouring for men here.

If you’d like any further information on any of the above treatments please give us a call on 01225 700072 or click here to arrange a callback.

Weight Loss at Snowberry Lane

Everyday in the UK thousands of people search for weight loss solutions, each person trying to find the ‘newest’, ‘best’ and notably ‘quickest’ way to achieve weight loss.

The tricky thing is that there’s no blanket solution for this issue, what might work for someone may not work for the next person, leaving many people feeling deflated and uninspired after dedicating time and energy to something that promised big changes. Each individual is unique and therefore needs a unique solution to their problem, which is why we offer a range of treatments that we tailor to each client to ensure the best results.

Below we run through the top line details for a few of our most popular weight loss treatments, you can go on to read more about each treatment or give us a call on 01225 700072 to find out more.

Alevere Weight Loss Therapy is a completely non-surgical combination treatment. It combines non-invasive LPG and Ultrasound treatments that help to tighten the skin and contour the body with a medically designed diet. This combination approach enables rapid weight loss over a short period of time. Many of our clients who start the programme are often cynical about the potential to begin with, until they start to see the results themselves.

One of our Alevere clients wrote the following testimonial:

“I had high blood pressure and was getting lots of migraines and was overweight, I didn’t want to start taking pills so felt that I would try Alevere Weight Reduction Therapy. I saw the lovely team at Snowberry Lane Clinic and started back in September. I have lost nearly 3 stone and feel absolutely great. My blood pressure is now normal and I haven’t had a migraine since last year. The added bonus is I look great and have more energy, I would recommend this to everyone.”

Bodytite is minimally invasive surgical procedure. It uses Frequency Assisted Liposuction Tightening technology to gently heat and breakdown fat cells, which can then be removed. Follow the link here for more information, before and after photographs and a video showing how Bodytite works.

Body Jet is a water based liposuction surgery, which uses a special fluid to loosen fat cells from surrounding tissue in order to remove it via suction. The fluid used acts as an anaesthetic as well as helping to reduce swelling and bruising when compared with traditional liposuction.

Read for yourself a testimonial from one of our Body Jet clients:

“Having undergone the Body Jet procedure on my male chest area, I must say that I was very impressed with my experience at Snowberry Lane Clinic. I was made to feel very comfortable during my visit, and there was no discomfort at all throughout the procedure.

I was able to drive home straight after, and returned to work within a few days. As I do a manual job, there was some soreness and pulling but a lot less than I expected. Some bruising appeared on the third day, but after a few more days had completely gone.”

I am very pleased with the results, which were immediately noticeable, and they have slowly improved over the last five months. I thoroughly recommend the Body Jet procedure and Dr Gabriel and his team.”

If you’d like to know more about the weight loss treatments we provide here at Snowberry Lane Clinic, please give us a call on 01225 700 072.

The ‘Smarter’ alternative to Liposuction

Smart Lipo has always been a popular choice for people looking to shift problem areas of fat without more drastic forms of surgery, let us update you on the latest form of this non-invasive alternative to liposuction – Body Jet.

How does it work?

Body Jet, sometimes known as Laser Lipo, Aqua-Lipo or WAL uses  fluid that is channelled into the fat tissue to help break down the wall of the fat cells and make it easier for the fat to be removed via a thin suction cannula. The fluid used in this process is called infiltration fluid and contains ingredients to minimise pain and bruising.

How is it different to traditional Liposuction?

Body Jet uses a pulsating infiltration fluid spray that gently separates fat cells from other tissue, this means it is easier to remove these loosened cells and therefore less likely to cause trauma than traditional Liposuciton. The procedure does not require general anaesthetic, so it is a day procedure rather than needing an overnight stay.

Advantages of Body Jet include:

  • Minimal damage to surrounding tissue
  • Reduced pain, swelling and bruising
  • Short recovery
  • Less anaesthesia needed
  • Easily performed without general anaesthetic
  • Shorter operating times
  • Smoother results

Take a look at our before and after gallery to see some of our results for yourself.

If you’d like to know more or want to speak to a member of the team about any of our weight loss treatments please give us a call on 01225 700072.

Weight Loss

If you’re thinking about losing weight, then you’re not alone. Thousands of people in the UK search for suitable methods for the same issue every week.  For example, some people may look at diet pills, a new type of diet on the market and other exercise and weight loss tips. One thing everyone has in common when looking to lose weight is how ‘fast’ it can be achieved. Everybody is different though. Not every weight loss regime will work for every individual.  In this week’s blog post we look at the different options available at Snowberry Lane Clinic for combating weight loss. Continue reading