CelluLIKE with help from Velashape

Cellulite that never seems to shift can be a problem that affects your body confidence on a daily basis. Here at the clinic, we have a treatment that will greatly improve the appearance of cellulite and give your body a much more toned look. We use Velashape because it offers our patients the chance to improve the impression left by cellulite with a non-surgical treatment that has virtually no downtime and combats the problem on both the upper and deeper layers of the skin.

before treatment

Velashape uses a combination of different technologies you would regularly find in other treatments.  Infrared energy works with mechanical massagers & vacuum machinery to treat the tissue in different ways and deliver remarkable results.

after treatment

What happens is that the tissue cellulite is clinging to is kindly encouraged to wake up and get moving. By heating, sucking and rolling around the problem area, all those cells which are lying and feeling depleted suddenly have a reason to get to work. Velashape forces the tissues’ metabolic rate to increase and makes sure that the fat being burnt off is being removed naturally with increased lymphatic drainage.

One of the key benefits of a Velashape treatment is the increased, or rather, decreased impression that is left from sagging skin. If you have an area that is bumpy and saggy, a treatment will help see a circumferential reduction take place. This is ideal for people with love handles or a hanging stomach who want to see their skin regain some firmness.

velashape comparison

Most of our clients like to have the procedure done on their thighs, the major problem area for cellulite. Because it’s a completely non invasive treatment, many clients will get it before heading off on a beach holiday where they know most of their day will be spent lounging in swimwear.

The results can very in range depending on what you’re looking for. You’ll instantly see a reduction of a centimeter, but after treatment reduction will continue and you’ll see centimeters drop off. Underneath your skin, those lower layers are pushing hard to get back to work and you’ll gradually see, as well as feel, major improvements.

KK famously received Velashape on her show.
KK famously received Velashape on her show.

Our clients usually have between 3-4 Velashape treatments to get the best results possible. Think of your first treatment as the cellulite being giving the warning shots and told to go. Any further treatment will completely get rid of cellulite in precision locations.

We price our treatments on a patient-to-patient basis. Unlike other clinics that charge an inflated set price no matter who is looking for treatment, we like to see what precisely a procedure with us will entail. For more information on Velashape, please feel free to contact us and receive a callback here.