Chemical Peels: How to Refresh the Face

blue peel

A chemical skin peel can do a number of things for a wider range of skin problems than you would think. Many people think they’re solely used to get rid of older skin and reveal fresher looking skin, but here at Snowberry Lane we know there are a number of medical conditions which a peel can greatly improve.

blue peel

Facial acne. Birth Marks. Age Spots. Brown Spots. We use peels to treat these and a whole host of different skin tone issues. It is remarkable what can be achieved through a treatment that was originally viewed as something to be used for solely cosmetic reasons.

Now we have a number of different types of peels and have been pioneers of using everything from Blue Peels (the picture above shows the progress this type of treatment can make) to Glycolic Peels. Both are ideal for those have suffer from facial acne and would love nothing more than seeing their face appear uniform and not so red all the time. The results are quite dramatic in terms of how smooth it will leave skin too. Our peels aim to bring a uniformity to skin that even some lasers or creams have a hard time performing.

We make sure the treatment can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, discoloured skin and even sun burnt skin by calming the overlying tissue where the problem lies by breaking down those tired bonds that the skin have created (especially in the case of sun burnt skin) and let the skin that wants to be visible get in to position. Peels work best at removing stubborn skin issues without having to go through any type of surgery.

To read more about Chemical Peels, you can view the dedicated treatment page here.

And if you’d like us to contact you with more information about peels, please do request a callback from the clinic here and we’ll be more than happy to contact you at a time that is convenient to you.