Dermal Fillers: How They Work

Dermal fillers are a very popular form of treatment at the clinic. We get a lot of requests asking how exactly the procedure is carried and thought a short blogpost would be a great way of letting everyone know. So we broke the process down in to a few choice questions that we can easily answer.

dermal man

What are dermal fillers?
Dermal fillers are simply a gel.

What do they do?
They do a fantastic job of adding volume to skin, drastically reducing the appearance of wrinkles and helping plump up the lipline too.

What is a dermal filler made of?
Hyaluronic acid. Don’t worry this isn’t as harmful as it sounds. The gel is a modified form of what is a natural occurring acid which won’t cause any harm. Through our administration, it’s no more harmful to your skin than your own moisturiser would be.

How is it administered?
You receive dermal filler through a series of injections. We inject it in very small amounts as the gel works instantly on your wrinkles and lines.

How fast are results?
Almost instantaneous. Dermal fillers do a fantastic job of adding volume to problem areas and really show off how youthful the skin can be in a matter of seconds. They’re often nicknamed ‘Dermiracles’ they work so quickly.

Does the treatment hurt?
Getting dermal fillers is just the same as any regular injection. We always have a mild anaesthetic in the injection which greatly improves the level of comfort. We also offer patients the opportunity to get local anaesthetic if they plan of having fillers injected around the lip area.

Will it swell?
Yes it will naturally swell in the same way any injection on the skin would. It goes away after a day or two, or a few days more if the lips have received treatment as they’re a much more sensitive area.

dermal lips


Is there any risk?
The chances of your skin having any negative reaction are almost zero. This type of procedure has been carried out for two decades now and there is rarely ever a known case of dermal fillers causing problems.

Why should I get it done at Snowberry Lane?
We are a clinic providing dermal fillers in Bristol and are proud to be highly rated by the Care Quality Commission.

If you’d like to get a callback about dermal fillers or any other treatment we provide at Snowberry Lane, get in touch here.