Dermaroller : A Non-Invasive Face Treatment

Looking for a non-surgical way of treating any fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, sun exposure problems, pigmentation issues, stretch marks or signs of ageing?  Saying that all these problems can be worked on in a non-invasive manner using the same treatment sounds too good to be true, but with a dermaroller it’s a possibility and proven method of delivering incredibly positive change to your skin.

As the video above explains, a derma roller is a small roller with very fine surgical needles covering it. The roller is then moved over the skin to rejuvenate the upper layers through stimulation and ablation. If you think it’s going to be painful, think again. A mild anaesthetic is applied to skin before any rolling commences and the patient feels a prickling sensation during the procedure.

a dermaroller

It causes a form of mild trauma. Now just the mention of the word trauma sounds worrying, but it shouldn’t be viewed as such. The rolling causes those upper layers of skin to quickly stimulate and go in search of stronger bonds. This makes it great for boosting the skin’s collagen levels and results in skin tightening up quickly.The needles on the pad are only about 1mm in length, so don’t be worried about the idea or preconception of having large needles on your skin. When its rolled over the skin, hardly any pressure is applied as we’re looking to target those upper layers in an encouraging manner.

Downtime from the procedure is minimal due to its non-invasive nature. The skin treated on will appear red and flushed for about a day or so before looking normal again and then showing signs of improvement. Skin will also feel quite perky after treatment.

dermaroller comparison

You can read more about dermarollers right here.

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