Earlobe Reconstruction: Filling Cracks, Tears & Holes.

earlobe repair

What used to be a very complicated procedure in terms of delivering expected results has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years. We have become one of the top clinics in the UK for fixing damaged and altered earlobes because of the unique way we use lasers to treat it. If you’re in a situation where a drooping earlobe is starting to affect confidence, please read on.

earlobe repair

Earlobe repair is becoming a very common treatment for patients between the ages of 25 and 35 who had what are referred to as ‘plugs’ in their ears as a piercing during their teenage years, but are now looking to make the lobe area look normal again. It used to be that tissue would have to be delicately cut open, chipped off a little bit and then sewn back together in order to hopefully make the area a relatively normal size without there being too many signs of work having been carried out.

Here are the clinic we use radio surgery to repair damaged and extended earlobes. There is a very simple reason why we use their method: it delivers incredible results. Not only is it a very fast procedure, it also leaves minimal signs of scarring and has a quicker recovery time than traditional methods. It also dramatically lowers the risk of infection around the ear (an area all too used to being prone when pierced) and cauterises the area as it moves, eliminating the possibility of any real blood loss or damage.


The level of pain afterwards is so small too that you might only need one or two paracetamol tablets to relive pain similar to a minor headache. For the large majority of people who get this treatment, a return to normal daytime activities and work is instant with the only downtime usually being the travel time to and from the clinic. As you can see from the example above, those with torn lobes can be treated effectively with radio surgery to bring the separated area back together again.

You can read more about earlobe repair on its treatment page here. If you’d like us here at the clinic to get in touch about going through an initial consultation to see what we could do to repair an earlobe, please do get in touch by clicking here.