Earlobe Repair & Reconstruction at Snowberry Lane Clinic Melksham

earlobe repair

With the growth of ear expanders as a body modification, more people are extending the size of their earlobes in an unnatural manner. And while it can be a fun idea when you’re younger, we’re starting to receive more and more enquiries from people in their mid 20s-30s who are looking to get their stretched earlobes repaired. Luckily for them, we have just the treatment for this problem we’re encountering. On the blog today we’re going to show you what exactly happens in an earlobe repair and how we at Snowberry Lane Clinic can help.

Repairing Your Earlobe

Repairing a stretched earlobe is quite straightforward thanks to the pioneering technology we have available in our clinic. We use radiofrequency surgery to perform the treatment, it is a sophisticated style of surgery where radiowaves are emitted from a tungsten electrode. These radiowaves cauterize the area as it cuts, significantly reducing bleeding. As you can see in the video above, it enables Dr.Gabriel to carry out a clean cut that is precise, this also helps for the skin to stitch together and repair. Patients don’t feel any discomfort during the procedure as we use an anaesthetic to numb the area.

earlobe repair

A Safe Method

Traditionally, resizing the earlobe would be done with a scalpel, which would mean that the area would be prone to bleed, reducing precision and increasing recovery time. Here though this isn’t the case as the radiowaves help to close the blood vessels as they cut, minimising bleeding with reduced downtime after surgery.

Once stitches have been done, the ear can quickly heal. If you’re interested in learning more about radiosurgery, take a look at the dedicated treatment page by clicking here.

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Minimal Downtime

Another great feature of this type of treatment for repairing the earlobe is the simple lack of downtime that comes with it. Commonly, patients can return to their daily routine after the procedure without much of a hindrance.

Find out more

If you’d like to know more about the treatments we can provide male patients, get in touch with the clinic today and request a consultation with one of our experts by clicking here. We can assess one on one what expected results can be from an earlobe repair and

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