Earlobe Repair

How some people decide to use the alteration.

Ear plugs are a popular form of body modification, especially amongst teenagers. While it is in trend now, over time the novelty of having a plug might wear off and many people are left wondering if they can get the skin back to the way it used to be. There’s often the rumour that once you go so far in length that they won’t readjust again.

How some people decide to use the alteration.
How some people decide to use the alteration.

There are options to change this and here at the clinic we offer a revolutionary way of repairing broken earlobes.And there’s no need to fear a scalpel being waved in your direction.

Our earlobe repair treatment is carried out using radio surgery. If you’re not sure what’s involved, don’t worry. Radio surgery involves the use of a tungsten electrode. The electrode heats up and makes small cuts in the skin which needs to be rejoined. This is where the radio waves work best.

Imagine using a scalpel on a cut. You open the skin up to bleeding and a chance of scarring. With the electrode used here the skin sutures itself as it penetrates, so you’re not going to be left with a bloody ear or at risk of infection. We do stitch up the area after treatment, but this is just a temporary measure  to get the tissue back to work and the stitches are usually removed after a week.

It’s a popular treatment amongst males who are looking to ditch bigger style holes from getting progressively larger plugs put in. Just take a look at the comparison images below to see the difference.


In this case the stitches have been removed just a week after receiving the radio surgery and show dramatic improvements. What was skin that would’ve remained limp and unnatural looking is now once again in the right place and beginning to show signs of firmness again.

If you or someone you know is looking at options with earlobe repair, feel free to get in touch and contact us here at the clinic by requesting a callback here.

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