Excessive Sweating: How To Get It Fixed

excessing hand sweating

Sweat is something of an embarrassing thing. For most of us “getting a sweat on” as the saying goes involves exercising or a level of strenuous physical exertion. For some people this isn’t the case though. Excessive sweating, also called hyperhydrosis, is where a person sweat uncontrollably at any time. It can be an incredibly embarrassing ailment to have and something that we here at Snowberry Lane can help someone with.

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So how do you help someone who has not control over where and when they sweat? We have two methods that are common depending on the type of sweating and the severity of the ailment.

The first is Botox. Yes, although known as a cosmetic procedure that was used on the face in yesteryear, Botox is great at stopping sweat because it can reduce the size and action of sweet glands in the armpit. An injection can lower the level of fluid in the area and in turn effectively create a barrier for someone to sweat in this area less.

excessing hand sweating

The second is Smartlipo. We blogged last month about what Smartlipo can do on the blog (click here to read that post). Smartlipo works to remove fat from stubborn areas of the body that won’t change no matter what we do. Sounds a lot like the type of problem someone who sweats excessively also has.

Now you might be slightly confused as to how a fat reduction technique helps liposuction, but Smartlipo is incredibly effective at sealing off minor blood vessels and encouraging collagen growth. In the case of someone who sweats a lot, this type of treatment can work to diminish the effect of those cells which cause one to sweat and lower the risk of there being any unwanted bouts of sweating. You can watch a video above of Dr.Gabriel explain the use and benefits of Smartlipo.

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