Eye Bag Removal: How Simple It Really Is

The skin around the eye can be a major problem area as we get older in two very different ways. Skin on the upper eyelid is prone to becoming looser and creating folds that sit awkwardly over your eyes and seem to weigh them down. Skin on the lower eyelid can lose its elasticity in a way that creates creases and appears baggy.it is something that can age the face greatly, but also something that can be treated on discretely. Snowberry Lane have a number of ways to combat problems around the eyelid and eye bag by removing stubborn tissue in a minimally invasive manner.

eyebag surgery

Blepharoplasty. It’s the medical term used to describe cosmetic eyelid surgery and is a common term for really any surgery performed around the eye.We have an in house eye surgeon at the clinic who trained at Moorfields Eye Hospital. It is the most well known ,and oldest, eye hospital in the world, having taught leading eye surgeons for over 200 years now. Our techniques for combating the problem aren’t as old though.


We use the latest advancements in treatments in the area of Blepharoplasty to deliver eye bag removals in a way that is risk reduced and can deliver maximised results. The most common technique for fixing the problem of saggy eyelids involves a simple removal of the tissue causing the problem. As you can see from the image above, the procedure involves an intricate removal of the troublesome tissue that sits either side of the eye. Because this area is so small, the amount of tissue removed is minuscule. The rewards are quickly visible and what you expect to be slight differences end up having a great impact on the overall appearance of the face.

If you’re wondering about cuts or scars around the eye there is no need to worry; a simple trick is used to minimise their appearance. Cuts are made that go along the natural lines of your eyelids. If you were to look in a mirror and close one eye you would see these lines just above and below the lid. This minute cut helps to hide the appearance of any surgery having been carried out.

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