Facelifts That Don’t Require Surgery

This week on the Snowberry Lane blog, we’re talking about facelifts that don’t involve the fear of going under the knife.

We are specialists in providing what are known as non-invasive facelift treatments. What are these? Well, essentially they are treatments where we treat the skin on a surface level to enact change underneath (i.e. they improve skin without the risk of visible marks on the skin’s surface). Two of the more popular types we use are Fractora and Facetite.

Fractora is a fractional style way or working with the skin to improve appearance. If you’re someone who has very deep set wrinkles around the face area, it works best. By using radio frequency to emit heat through pins, Fractora helps the collagen underneath (a very important part of the non-invasive process) to tighten up and strengthen bonds. We commonly compare it to a sponge. Imagine that a wrinkle is a finger pushing down on a sponge. It is compressed and doesn’t have such a great way to support itself. Fractora firms up the collagen and pushes the wrinkle back up to the surface to be uniform again.

Facetite works in a similar fashion to Fractora, but it is favourable for rejuvenating saggier types of skin and fatty parts around the lower part of the face. It is commonly used on the lower areas of the face and around the neck as it helps dramatically improve areas of very loose, droopy and saggy skin. Facetite requires a very small incision to be made at the start of the procedure just under the skin as it works above and below the surface to bring about incredible improvement through a unique dual heat-drainage action where collagen is tightened and fatty deposits are broken down to be removed.

Wondering about face lift cost? We can give an assessment of how much any type of procedure will be for you by getting in touch with us here at Snowberry Lane for a consultation. During the consultation we can help figure out which type of treatment is ideal for your skin type, ow many treatments we envision you needing and what results you can expect to see from your journey here at the clinic.

To find out more about Facetite, Fractora and other type of facelift treatment, visit our dedicated section of the site right here.