Fat Reduction with Jet Assisted Fat Transfer

bodyjet treatments on hands

Here at Snowberry Lane we always strive to lead the way in our industry. That is why we use modern techniques harnessing the latest breakthroughs in technology to deliver the best results possible for our patients. We pride ourselves on being able to carry out procedures which are non-invasive and have as minimal an interference with the body as possible.

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One area the clinic has been leading the way with is fat removal and reduction. We have given our patients incredible results using minimally invasive treatments, with Bodyjet being the prime example of this. We were one of the first clinics in the UK to use this unique procedure and are seen as experts in using what is formally referred to as Jet Assisted Fat Transfer (JAFT).  To get an understanding on what makes this treatment different, it is good to know about traditional fat removal techniques like liposuction and how vastly Bodyjet differs from the norm.

In a regular fat removal method, incisions are made on a patient and fat is forcibly removed from the body. This treatment will leave a patient with a long recovery time as the body needs to adjust to changes and possible risks of swelling. Liposuction also has a longer treatment time as it is harder to remove fat this way. Minimising treatment time helps to minimise recovery time. We try and help all patients to get on their feet and back to day to day activity as quickly as possible. This is one of the many positives Bodyjet provides.

bodyjet treatments on hands

Think of Bodyjet as a gentle form of liposuction. By using water, the treatment allows for a healthy breakdown and removal of unwanted fat by reducing the risk of trauma on the body. The treatment is also performed without a general anaesthetic. This is great in allowing the surgeon performing Bodyjet to contour the body for the best natural look possible, with smoother skin afterwards.

Bodyjet isn’t solely for the stomach. It is a great treatment for fat reduction (and re-introduction) on the face, hands and breasts.

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If you would like to contact the clinic directly and speak to a member of staff, you can phone Snowberry Lane on 01225 700 072. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions regarding Bodyjet and our other weight loss treatments.