Fat Transfer: The Techniques We Use

Bodyjet Comparsion

Did you know that Snowberry Lane has the distinction of being one of the first clinics in the UK to use Jet Assisted Fat Transfer? While many clinics up and down the country have followed suit after seeing what it can do, we are lucky at the clinic that Dr.Gabriel is still the best in the country as carrying out the treatment, as well as Bodyjet.

No clue what these two treatments are and what they can do? Let us give you a little bit of information on what these fat transfer techniques are and how they work.

Firstly we’ll talk about Jet Assisted Fat Transfer (otherwise known as JAFT). JAFT uses water and the body’s natural fats to turn problem areas around the body in to problem free areas. It is a form of assisted liposuction where water is introduced to the problem area and acts like a hose and sponge at the same time. It gently rinses fat off the problem area with water and then draws it out of the body. Because no harmful chemicals have been involved in the process, the fat is safe to put back in the body in areas that you would want to feel and appear fuller. Common areas for this include the face, breasts (which you’ll read a bit about below) and the hands.

Bodyjet Comparsion

It is also used for natural breast augmentation, something many ladies who get the treatment prefer to get as a combination treatment. It will increase the breast size in a more natural looking and feeling way as well as slim down the waistline. We do this by working out what are deemed the more viable fat cells which can be removed. Then with a small incision and cannula the cells are reintroduced around the breast area until the look of naturally fuller breasts is achieved.

BodyJet Cannula

Our other treatment is called Bodyjet and works in much the same way. In fact it is what we use a lot when carrying out these two part treatments. It uses water to break down fatty cells but also reduces the risk of inflammation and pain using an infiltration fluid. This helps any patient to have a faster recovery time than traditional liposuction would and it is also a much quicker operation to carry out.

You can read more about JAFT on our jet assisted fat transfer treatment page.

And you can get a brochure on Bodyjet right here too.