Firming Up In The Office Chair

Here at the clinic we like to be very active. It’s important for us to lead a healthy lifestyle, and one area we always let that slip is when we’re sitting down. Spending all day working at your desk can be mentally draining and put you off heading to the gym or going for a run after work. 

That doesn’t mean there isn’t a way for you to get active while sitting down. We’ve perfected a few ways to get a mini workout form the comfort of your chair. All it takes is a little concentration and repeated movement. These are a few short exercises that aim to get the blood pumping for all the right reasons.

sitting at your desk

Suck It Up
The first exercise we’re going to mention is the easiest. You don’t even have to stand up to do it. Sitting at your chair breathe in and pull in your stomach muscles. Hold your breath for a few seconds before slowly breathing out and letting the muscles relax. It mightn’t feel like you’ve done anything, but repeat this action 10 times and you’ll really feel the upper abdominal muscles begin to tighten. The action you’re doing is reminiscent of a sit up, only you won’t be puffing and panting on the floor.

Stand Up
Never ever think that settling down in your desk will see your productivity boost. You need to keep your whole body pumped to feel motivated to do work. Anytime you feel yourself starting to slouch, and just about anytime your train of thought drifts off, stand up and move about. Even if you just get up, move your arms a bit and arch up on your tiptoes, your body will appreciate that little extra bit of movement.

Reach For The Sky
Many people don’t sit right in their chairs. Sinking in to the cushion might seem comfortable, but could give you serious back problems in the long term. If you’re one for keeping a track of time this is perfect for you.Every half an hour simply extend your arms out and slowly bring them together above your head. A quick stretch while seated will stimulate the trapezius muscle right between your shoulders.

Tippy Toes
Don’t just sit with your feet planted on the floor all day. Every once in a while lift your heels and keep your toes cemented to the ground. Arching up your foot will result in better circulation around the lower legs. You might also notice your posture start correcting itself if you raise your knees as high as they’ll go. We recommend doing reps of this movement 10 times before you get up to do something or when you find yourself slouching down.

Stiff Lower Lip
The neck is an area you would never think about having to exercise, but you can firm up muscles that are quite susceptible to change. We know that sounds like a silly exercise to do, but just two reps and you’ll really feel it. Sit up straight and push your lower lip over your top lip. Hold it for 10 seconds. You’ll feel the muscles either side of your jaw start to firm up.  Do it three or four times a day and you should feel a little firmness return.

They might be just minor exercises, but they all help you feel a lot more positive about yourself throughout the day.