Fractora Treatments At Snowberry Lane

fractora treatment

Keeping the skin firm, refreshed and radiant is very difficult. As we get older the skin around the face is prone to fine lines, wrinkles and discolouration. Combating these changes can be difficult, but here at Snowberry lane we have a fantastic treatment, which can help patients looking to achieve younger looking skin that feels naturally tighter and firmer. This treatment is known as Fractora. In today’s blog we’re going to talk about what Fractora is, how it works and even hear from our own Dr.Gabriel about the treatment.

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Firstly it’s good to know why the treatment has this name. Fractora gets it moniker from the word Fractional. The treatment is what it known as a fractional (i.e. small and focussed) treatment. This makes it ideal when we’re looking to improve the appearance of small, but deep wrinkles in problem areas. If you are someone who has nagging lines somewhere on the face, this treatment would be an ideal solution.

Now that we know what it is, we need to know what it does. Fractora uses advanced radio-frequency energy that is emitted through very small tips from a pad on to the problem area. These small tips are so because they’re best as getting the appropriate reaction from the skin. The energy they emit causes tiny pinprick holes just under the surface; holes which the body works quickly to repair.

When this process begins, the resulting new bonds between cells are much more tighter than before with collagen bonds being created which are stronger. Tighter bonds allow for tighter skin and the depreciation of lines and wrinkles. Because it works in areas with both fine and deep wrinkles, it can be applied on many parts of the body. Most patients get Fractora for their eyes and mouth as wrinkles here can be small in size but wide in depth. The great benefit of this treatment is that it can be used on the hands too, often a very hard area for treating wrinkles.

After an initial Fractora treatment, our patients tend to see immediate results but won’t get the full benefit of the improvements for a few days, as the new bonds need time to settle. Factors patients receive between 1 to 4 sessions depending on the area they wish to improve.

You can see what a Fractora treatment at Snowberry Lane entails and get some more information about the treatments by watching this video of Dr. Gabriel, where he shows exactly what happens before and after as well as informing about the downtime from the treatment session:

If you’d like to speak with a specialist here at Snowberry Lane about Fractora at a time suitable to you, you can do so by clicking here.