Getting a Mole removed at Snowberry Lane

One of the primary concerns facing someone considering mole removal is the fear of scarring. This is heightened when the mole is on an area of the body that is more difficult to conceal with clothing, such as the face or neck. Here at the Snowberry Lane Clinic, we do our utmost to reduce the risk of scarring, both during the procedure and the aftercare, to help you achieve the best results. Have a look in today’s blog for more details.

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Moles occur when skin cells grow in a clustered formation, they are commonly brown or blackish in colour, and they can sometimes appear darker after exposure to the sun. They can appear anywhere on the body, and can vary from being flush to the skin to being raised and prominent. Over time people can develop new moles on their skin as well as observing changes in existing moles.

Removing moles for medical reasons:

If you notice any visible changes in a mole’s size, shape or colour, or if it becomes tender, itches or bleeds, it is always best to get it checked by your GP to ensure it is safe. We often see patients who have been referred to us by their GP, or are seeking help independently for a suspicious skin legion. We are able to take a sample of the area or remove the area entirely and send it to a local lab for testing to check if there are any issues with that area of the skin. This allows us to provide reassurance to the patient on an area that they, or their Doctor, might be worried about, and the relevant steps can then be taken towards treatment depending on the outcome.

Removing moles for cosmetic reasons:

For most people a mole isn’t a significant issue, especially if it occurs on the body in a place that is easier to conceal. However, there are instances where moles can appear in more prominent locations on the skin, making the individual feel self-conscious. Our aim is to alleviate our patients’ self-consciousness and restore their confidence by removing moles that cause them distress. Here at Snowberry Lane Clinic we have been leading the way for over a decade in treating patients with minimally invasive techniques that have reduced downtime and lower risk of scarring and complications.

As you can see from the video above (watch more on the official Snowberry Lane YouTube Channel) removing an unwanted mole can take a matter of minutes and deliver fantastic results. We use a method known as Radio frequency, a technique in which radio waves are passed along a very thin wire, which is used to carefully and cleanly remove the skin cells, whilst sealing the blood vessels that are exposed during the treatment. The procedure is carried out using a local anaesthetic, delivered directly to the area being treated to minimise discomfort.

If you’re interested in finding out more about mole removal surgery, you can read more about it by clicking here, you’ll also be able to see a fantastic before and after comparison gallery showcasing how effective this treatment can be.

If you’d like to download a brochure which provides information on this type of treatment, and many of the other pioneering treatments Snowberry Lane Clinic has to offer, you can download one by clicking right here.

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