Getting Rid of Birthmarks

Birth marks are something of an incorrect term to use for a mark on the skin. While they can be seen from birth, for many people a birth mark is something that appears over a long period of time. While the growth and appearance of a birth mark creates might happen over years, Snowberry Lane has the means of removing a birth mark in a flash.

baby birth mark

Birth marks can come in all shapes and sizes, anywhere around the body. They are commonly divided in to two categories: vascular and pigmented.  In the picture above, you’re looking at a vascular birth mark. They will be pinkish or red and look a bit like a rash. In this type, the birth mark has been caused by abnormal blood vessels under the skin. When a child is born with one, the mark will reduce in appearance and fade over time in most cases, although if the mark is somewhere like the forehead or cheek it might remain.

the difference from laser on birthmark

The type of birthmark you can see in the picture above is known as a pigmented birthmark. This is caused by a cluster of pigment cells on the surface. They will normally be brown and have a varying shape. It’s important to remember that birthmarks are in the vast majority of cases harmless. They can cause massive problems for a person’s confidence though and that is something we try to fix through laser therapy.

radio surgery difference

In the example above, a laser was used to remove a mole above the lip. We use lasers in a very special way to do the same for birth marks. The picture is great at showing how the laser can create a uniform skin tone around the treated area.

One of the big worries people have before removing birth marks is not knowing what colour the skin will look like. When we carry out the treatment, we target the birth mark very prcisely and heat up the skin where the blemish is. This causes the skin the mark inhibits to improve in condition so it matches the nearby cells where the birthmark is absent. What a person is left with is skin that now appears unaffected and similar.

Laser treatments are used for a lot of different conditions. Here is Dr.Gabriel listing just some of the most common we treat in the clinic:

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