Getting Rid Of Cellulite

A very common problem for individuals that doesn’t have an easy solution, cellulite is something that can cause embarrassment and stress. At Snowberry Lane we have the latest technology at hand to provide treatments that can eradicate cellulite and restore confidence. We have a few different techniques we commonly use and in this blog post we will provide a little explanation of each.

Weight Loss


Before we do though, we thought it would be a good idea to explain what cellulite is. There are a number of causes for cellulite with many being completely unrelated to weight. Some very common causes include one’s age and hormones. Cellulite itself is a problem involving the structure of fatty cells. Sometimes they can tighten up and restrict movement, causing a knock on effect of raising the tighter areas towards the skin, which in turn causes the skin to appear slightly discoloured. Now that we know this, let’s discuss treatments.

The first treatment we’ll talk about is Cellutite. It is a minimally invasive procedure that breaks down fatty tissue through radio frequency. It is best used on areas of cellulite where the sin appears to dip and raise ever so slightly in the problem area, as it helps to level out the tissue and reduces annoying bulges. Patients who are looking for a permanent reduction of cellulite would be best suited to getting a consultation for this treatment to get an idea of what results can be expected.

Bodyjet Comparsion

For some patients who receive Cellutite, they may also have a TiteFX treatment. If your cellulite isn’t prominent but it is still something that would be best gone and forgotten, this is ideal for you. TiteFX is a form of body contouring and a highly popular non-invasive treatment.  It works quite similarly to Cellutite but has a triple action way of working. It combines the elements of radio frequency heating, vacuum massage and high voltage pulse application. Essentially, TiteFX applies itself to an area of cellulite, raises the temperature of that area to soften the fatty area we want rid of and then uses pulse energy to break that fat down and allow the body to remove it naturally.

It is the best option for anyone who has what would be classified as minor cellulite and is looking for a treatment with minimal downtime, signs of work having been carried out and a low risk of side effects.

Cellutite affects both women and men. If you’re a male with issues similar to what we’ve blogged about today, please take a look at our Body Contouring For Men page where we provide information on how treatments can help with love handles, beer bellies and other common problem areas.

Want to know more about how to treat cellulite at Snowberry Lane? You can download a brochure of the treatments we’ve talked about here, and other treatments we provide at the clinic by clicking here.

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