Getting Rid of Cysts

radiosurgery removal

Having a cyst in a very prominent area can be a real knock to a person’s confidence. Whether its on the hands, arms, neck or face, it can for some people be a source of embarrassment. Here at Snowberry Lane, removing a cyst can be as quick as clicking your fingers. We use radio surgery to remove cysts, moles and all sorts of lumps and bumps.

radiosurgery removal

Many people know what a cyst looks like, but don’t know how people come to find themselves having one. Cysts are just hair follicles that have swollen. Think of it your follicle like a balloon and the hair goes from the hole. When that hole blocks itself, the balloon/cyst would puff up and get bigger. What makes cysts so peculiar for many is that they usually have little to no feeling and can move more freely than a mole usually would. This unique feature also makes it a perfect candidate for the radiosurgery we’re able to provide.

If you watch the video above, you will see Dr.Gabriel going through the process of removing a wart. The laser acts so quickly at removing the lump that you’d be hard pressed to believe to ever existed a few minutes later when looking in the mirror. We prefer to use this method because it is a lot safer and effective than traditional removals. Many other clinics in the UK still take an antiquated approach of removal of cutting open and working from the inside out to remove a cyst (a process which runs the risk of scarring for a patient). Here we pioneer at providing a solution to a common cosmetic problem in a way that has a reduced downtime compared to others.

In order to get a good grasp of the best way to remove a cyst, a consultation here at the clinic is the best way for us to assess the lump and gauge which treatment option will be best. You can read a little bit more about cyst removal on its treatment page right here.

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