Getting Rid Of Unwanted Hair

Unwanted hair can be a real knock to your confidence. You’ve tried everything from painfully tweezing hairs out while wincing in front of the mirror, to waxing and praying the hair won’ grow back thicker. Even the best epilators can leave you shouting at that patch of unwanted hair that never goes away no matter how hard you’re trying. Sometimes it feels like nothing seems to give you permanent results that you’re going to be happy with.

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At the clinic we are using the latest technology available that can get rid of hair in your problem areas. We have years of expertise in getting rid of hair from every corner of the body. From top to toe when clients have come to us worrying about how to get rid of unwanted hair we’re always able to make sure they’ll leave our doors hair free where it matters. We have a solution to a perpetually permanent problem.


Even the most famous have their off days with hair problems.
Even the most famous have their off days with hair problems.


If you have no idea what exactly a laser hair treatment involves, here’s a brief snapshot. With one of our lasers, we look for and precisely target the hair follicles in your problem area. That troublesome hair is in a constant state of growth. The laser aims to put a permanent stop to that. By heating up those follicles the laser can destroy the unwanted hairs. This isn’t a case of trimming off the hair a bit more than usual. The laser will completely get rid of the follicle to ensure it never reappears.

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And don’t even worry about feeling any lasting marks from a laser hair removal. The treatment is completely non-invasive so you won’t be left with any marks or scars. On top of that there is the added bonus of minimal risks or side effects because it isn’t causing harm to the body. After any treatment is finished, you can carry on with your day and not have to face any downtime.

What does that mean for the former problem area? No more reliance upon shaving cream, wax strips and the dreaded epilator. It’s a permanent solution to a problem that plagues people for years.

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Now don’t worry if you feel a bit nervous about finding out more. All of our clients go through a full consultation with one of our highly trained professionals before any treatment is decided upon. They’ll provide you with a full breakdown of what the treatment will entail for you specifically.

If you want to find out more about laser hair removal, request or download a brochure by clicking here.

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