Getting Rid Of Warts In Seconds

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A wart is a very common skin condition, which usually manifests as a raised, painless growth on the skin. Although they are common they are often seen as quite an embarrassing thing to have, many people don’t know that warts come to exist simply because our bodies can find themselves creating an excess level of the protein keratin. The excess hasn’t got anywhere to go, so it ends up forming those non-harmful lumps we get on the surface of the skin.

mole removal clinic uk

Our medical team have performed wart removals on hundreds of patients here at the clinic, all with fantastic results time and time again. How do we do it? Well we shall explain in today’s blog and hopefully give you an insight in to what the treatment is, how we perform them and what results a patient can expect.

What is Wart Removal?

It is complete removal of extraneous hardened lumps on the surface of the skin which aren’t necessarily harmful, but can be a cosmetic issue for many.

How are wart removals carried out at Snowberry Lane?

Radiosurgery is our primary method for removing warts. Using radio wave energy we can remove and cauterize the area whilst minimising signs of scarring. If you have a raised lesion on the skin this treatment is ideal as it has very quick recovery and healing times.

What are the results of a wart removal treatment?

Simply put, there will be minimal scarring and the wart will be completely removed. This is a same day treatment with downtime at an absolute minimum to have as little of an impact on your day as possible.

How can I find out more about this treatment?

We’re always here to answer any questions surrounding wart removal. If you would like to talk with one of the team here at the client, we’d love to help and provide answers to any questions you may have. Simply get in touch via our call back page and we’ll be in touch when most convenient. You can also email us too if you’d like.