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It was great to read the recent news that there will be a tighter level of regulation set here in the UK for how cosmetic clinics operate. With so many clinics out there that don’t have fully qualified staff treating patients, the standard level of safety needed is about to have a positive increase across the country. Today on the blog we’re going to help you understand what you need to look out for and what we at Snowberry Lane think about this news.

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What This News Means

Firstly, it is good to know what exactly this news means for you as a patient and us as a clinic. The General Medical Council is introducing rules which will:

  • Tackle promotional offers on treatments
  • Enforce harder rules on doctors who apply these tactics
  • Make sure that any treatment is fully explained to a patient (and that includes any associated risks)

These three overarching points are something we take very seriously at Snowberry Lane. For over a decade now we have provided the highest quality possible in all procedures we carry out and this news is fantastic in helping highlight that any treatment, no matter how minor it may seem, has to be fully considered. A large part of any treatment is in the consultation process.  Many clinics don’t offer a thorough enough consultation for patients early in the treatment path and tackling this is something we here at Snowberry Lane welcome wholeheartedly.

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What It Means For Patients

When a patient first comes to Snowberry Lane, we talk them through a number of aspects surrounding a treatment, be it Alevere, Botox, Sun Damage or any of the dozens of conditions we treat. We look at:

  • exactly what a patient has come for & what they think the treatment is
  • what results they want to see from their treatment
  • what risks, if any, there can be
  • what recovery time will be

With these new regulations in place, this will create a big step in helping bring understanding to patients around the country.

Our Team

Our team is made up medical experts who have years of experience in helping patients achieve optimal results. From Dr. Rupert Gabriel, our Medical Director and registered member of the BACD, GMC & CQC, to our fully qualified clinic team, we always want our patients to know they are in safe and knowledgeable hands.

Warning Signs

If you are researching a specific treatment online, there are warning signs that you should look out for to gauge the reputable nature of a clinic. Some of the main terms include:

  • Suggestive phrasing such as “creating a new you”, “you’ll feel great” etc.
  • If a clinic is advertising their treatments as limited time deals such as “20% off face treatments this week only”
  • Competition based incentives for correspondence
  • Referral based incentives


If you would like more information on learning everything you need to about a particular treatment, or would like to discuss a one to one consultation with a member of the team, please contact Snowberry Lane today to speak with an expert.