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For many people, excess hair is an embarrassing problem. It can cause people to lose confidence in themselves and become less social.  Excess body hair is a problem for both men and women.  The condition some women suffer from is called Hirsutism.  The condition can affect the face (upper lips or chin), chest, neck, tummy and even thighs. It is often associated with acne, oily skin, voice changes and hair loss.  There are a number of hair removal methods including waxing, shaving, bleaching and plucking but sometimes hair keeps growing back.

At Snowberry Lane Clinic we have treatments available to counteract the appearance of excess hair growth. A lot of hair reduction methods are only temporary measures but Snowberry Lane’s laser treatment will treat hair follicles to prevent regrowth in problem areas.  Over the course of treatments, lasers will catch hair follicles at the beginning in their growth stage, leading to a long lasting smooth appearance.

Cosmetic Laser Hair Reduction Procedure

How does it work?

The treatment is carried out by a laser beam that is sent to the hair follicle which is then destroyed by heat. This means that hair reduction methods such as shaving, waxing and hair removal creams aren’t needed for the future.

Is it safe?

The procedure is only slightly uncomfortable and can be carried out quickly and safely. There is minimal risk involved with this procedure which means you can get back to normal after each session.  Snowberry Lane takes advantage of the latest technological advances to provide top of the range and safe procedures.  Excess body hair ailments are now much easier to treat due to the technology available.

What happens before treatment?

You can book a consultation with one of our experts and this will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the hair removal treatment and ascertain your suitability for the treatment. Patients will gain a deeper understanding of the procedure while also receiving more information on how long the recovery period is and necessary after care.

If you’re interested in this hair removal method at Snowberry Lane then please get in touch with us. Feel free to call us on 01225 700 072 or contact us via the website.