Hair Removal: Bye Bye to Stubborn Follicles

Hair today, gone tomorrow. Its a good turn of phrase and one that we at Snowberry Lane can adhere to. If you’re constantly feeling nagged about hair that stubborn won’t go away or want to get bring a permanent end to excessive hair problems, we can help.


The majority of patients who come to the clinic for laser hair removal do so because they find the problems they’re having to be embarrassing. For us, it isn’t something to be worried or shy about because we know how to treat it. We’ve seen hairs from head to toe and know exactly how to get rid of it when it isn’t wanted.

Laser hair removal is quick, simple and able to give a long lasting smoothness that waxing, shaving and plucking never would.The process is quite simple.The laser passes through pigments and destroys follicles by heating them up. It breaks the follicle down to a point when it dissipates in the body and doesn’t cause harm.

laser treatment

For anyone who has darker hairs they really want rid of, laser removal is perfect as the treatment works better the darker a hair follicle is. This is because darker hairs are able to absorb more heat and energy than light hairs and the pigmentation is more prone to the change being put upon it.

Treatment works so well because it is non-invasive and carried with it a extremely low level of any risk or side effects.No cuts or irritated skin like you’d be used to when removing hair at home. You’d only expect to go through a small amount of discomfort during the procedure but be fine afterwards. Lots of patients usually just apply cream to cool the skin if it feels anything close to irritable.

After treatment you’d expect to spend roughly zero time looking at your hair problem because laser treatment is permanent. It might sound a bit too good to be true, but we describe the process, dispel the myths and tell you what happens in detail during a consultation here in the clinic.

Find more info and see a short video of laser hair removal on the treatment page.

You can get a brochure for laser hair removal from our downloads page.