Having A Mole Removed: How It Works

enrique iglesias mole removed

The biggest worry for those who want to get a mole removed? That the procedure will hurt a lot. Here at Snowberry Lane patients we help gets rid of moles for will usually ask the same question when we tell them the treatment is over. ‘It’s over that quickly?’ The treatment types we use for removal work fast and deliver results in an instant. Take a look at this video to see how quickly laser treatments we carry out can cause immediate change.

It is quite easy to distinguish which type of treatment we’ll be carrying out because moles/lesions come in two main forms. There are those which are raised and sit on the skin like a small blip that are very easy to remove with radio surgery. It is an incredibly versatile treatment type used for a lot of different skin problems. You can read more about everything mole removal radiosurgery on its treatment page right here.

The second method we commonly use is laser therapy. This is key for tackling flatter moles and lesions. If you don’t know what these are, they look like darkened spots that sit flatly just under the surface of the skin. Sun spots and age spots are prime example of these flat lesions.

mole removal

We use lasers on these moles because they can penetrate under the skin without the need for any scalpels being brought out to cut the skin. Lasers are so versatile and precise in delivering results that we use them to also help remove adult acne, leg veins and even tattoos and all through the same action wherein we point the laser at the desired area & heat the skin up to just a few degrees above normal body temperature. This change in heat causes the cells which make up the mole to deplete and breakdown. In the example above you can see the difference after treatment and how the cooling gel quickly calms the tissue down.

This doesn’t mean you’ll be left with an odd coloured area where the mole once was. You’ll see the skin begin to match the same tone as surrounding tissue. It makes for quite a remarkable change that eventually will leave you with flawless skin compared to what the area originally looked like.

The processes we use are painless. If you would like a brochure about the treatments we’ve mentioned here and want to know more about mole removal radiosurgery, you can request a brochure by clicking right here.