Help Yourself Feel Good

When it comes to holiday season more and more people tend to spend their vacations somewhere warm and near a beach.

This often leads to unnecessary stress regards to getting in perfect body shape and feeling comfortable with yourself. Whether you just had a baby, have stressful work life, eat unhealthy food or don’t have time for exercising – it can be hard to maintain a perfect body shape, therefore people often choose surgical and non-surgical body contouring options.

Nowadays there are various fat removal methods besides traditional liposuction. Depending on necessary treatment and area applicable you can choose the best option for you whether it is merely invasive or just cosmetic. Some of the methods deliver instant results in just hours.

Smart Lipo

For smaller body areas such as jaw, chin, knees, ankles, arms as well as larger parts like buttocks, thighs and legs. Smart Lipo would probably be the best option. Smart Lipo works as a laser that heats up fat cells and melts them so they can be absorbed by the liver and disposed of naturally without leaving much effect or scars on skin. Smart Lipo is an innovative procedure approved by FDA in 2006.

It is minimally invasive compared to liposuction and fat is removed at the time of the
procedure, the remainder eventually removed through the body’s natural processes. The procedure takes approximately one to two hours depending on the body part and delivers an immediate improvement which gets better over the following months.


BodyJet for some larger body areas where more sophisticated procedures are necessary. BodyJet is perfect for larger areas such as stomach, buttocks or thighs. It uses water jet energy to break down the fatty tissue layer into liquid prior to extraction from the body with easy suction process.

BodyJet targets only the fat cells therefore the method reduces blood loss, pain and bruising, a short recovery period of 1-2 weeks is necessary for optimum results. BodyJet is also unique in that the fat removed can be transferred to plump up areas affected by aging.


If you recently have lost weight or just had a baby – one of best options for you would be BodyTite, as it tightens skin as well as removing fat. Basically it targets stubborn areas of the body where fat just doesn’t seem to disappear. As being a less invasive procedure and with increased patient safety thanks to more accurate monitoring of temperatures – it is getting really popular and well known.

BodyTite is one of newest fat removal procedures that was developed just in 2009. It involves Radio Frequency Assisted Liposuction that heats the fatty tissue and tightens the skin at the same time. It has various advantages over any traditional liposuction methods e.g. it doesn’t leave scars, it is one of safest procedures and a minimal recovery period is necessary. While traditional liposuction would require to remove excess skin, BodyTite does not involve such surgical procedures and delivers instant results.

Whether you are choosing BodyTite, Smart Lipo or BodyJet or a combination, there will still be a recovery period and you can experience some pain in the treated areas, however you would receive instant results with minimal or no blood loss or damage to your body, blood vessels etc. All of these three body contouring options have advantages over traditional liposuction or any surgical fat removal methods.