How Sculptra Can Improve Your Wrinkles & Lines

Anti ageing treatments that work wonders are few and far between. One treatment we can rely on time and time again is Sculptra. It’s an amazing way of removing wrinkles and deep lines from the face, using something that can’t harm the skin.

Sculptra is the ideal treatment to help bring back some volume to the face. As we get older, muscles around the face lose their elasticity and composure. It is a case of the layers under the skin finding it hard to hold strong bonds because the collagen is not being stimulated enough. What Sculptra helps to do is let that collagen reach a level of stimulation your body was previously able of providing, but is struggling to do now. With more collagen now present, the layers are able to create strong bonds again and tighten up those lax bits of skin.

It works best on those hard to budge wrinkles that sit around the edge of the mouth and go from the nose to chin. These lines are often quite deep and hard to treat. Sculptra works best here because it is providing support to underlying layers. Think of it as the foundations of your skin being restored and the building blocks for better skin back in place.The area across the forehead also can gain great improvements from Sculptra.

Sculptra injections

People often ask what Sculptra is made from. It is composed from Poly-L-lactic acid. It’s a material that almost all of us know of, but have never heard its full name before. Poly-L-lactic acid is what degradable stitches are made from. In the form it is administered in during this treatment, it is a powder mixed with water. In the same vein that those stitches bring together the skin and heal wounds, here the powder is made up of tiny beads that bring together the tired tissue underneath and breathe new life in to those bonds that need help.

Those concavities that were once apparent are now vastly reduced and skin will appear fuller again. You shouldn’t expect to see any marks or bruising around the treated area afterwards, but it varies on a patient to patient basis.

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