How We Treat Skin Tags

a skin tag

Skin tags can be seen as an unsightly mark on the body. People often forget that anyone can get them anywhere on their body. For those with skin tags in visible areas, it can affect body confidence. Getting rid of one, or many, is easily done through patented treatments at the clinic that offer superb results. You’d be surprised just how quickly one can be removed.

small skin tag

One of the biggest preconceptions people have about skin tags is that they’re harmful. Unlike moles, they are simply a growth that is irregular because of its construction and it should be remembered that they are completely benign . Most skin tags will have a peduncle. If you’ve ever wondered why a tag seems to hag or droop, it is because of the peduncle. It acts like a stalk, extending that little bit of skin out and making it seem a big irregular.

For those with skin tags that droop out, it can play a big role in how they feel about their appearance. It’s a problem that can be dealt with in an extremely efficient manner. At the clinic we have a few different procedures for getting rid of skin tags. Our radio surgery makes sure that skin tags are gone and a patient is left with only with no signs that a tag ever existed. We also use lasers to provide a completely non-invasive method of removing tags.

skin tag on eyelid

Radio surgery is something that sounds confusing when you first hear how it works, but is quick to understand when you see it in action. By using high frequency waves that cause no charring, a wand that uses radio waves can remove a tag in one smooth motion. A radio wand can swiftly plane down the area that the skin tag has been growing on and leave it looking just like the surrounding skin does.Why is no charring important? Because it means you won’t be left with any marks. You can read more about radio surgery at the clinic by clicking here, where you’ll also be able to watch a video of Dr.Gabriel explaining how radio surgery is performed and see what it looks like when having a tag/wart/mole removed this way.

laser treatment

Laser treatments cover a very wide base at the clinic. They are used on everything from acne & hair reduction to vein and tattoo removal. The breadth of their actions highlights how versatile and reliable laser treatments are with skin problems, especially skin tags. We use lasers on skin tags because of how adaptable they are. An integral part of the removal process involves a consultation. It helps us to look at how the tag sits, what ways we can use a laser on it, and show you the benefits of using a laser with examples from previous patients.

Don’t forget that everyone’s skin tags are different in appearance and shape and even though they come in all shapes and forms, we have the means of removing them quickly without causing any harm.

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