In Need Of A’cyst’ance

Cysts. They’re not a normal part of the body. Broad in definition, shape, size and where they can be found on the body, they’re quite the anomaly. This doesn’t mean they’re an anomaly when it comes to be treated on.

cyst on hand
cyst on a wrist

Point anywhere on the body and you’ll be able to have a cyst on it. If you’re not exactly sure what a cyst is, it’s quite simple to describe. It’s a little (or in some extreme cases large) ball that looks like a blister and is full with anything really. It could simply be excess liquid, solid or gas from the body; any of it could be in a cyst. It’s essentially a little pouch that should not be. Some can be painful. Some can go unnoticed and get bigger. Some can be in an unwanted place. One thing is for certain: they’re always unwelcome.

There are as many reasons to have a cyst as there are places to get one. Everything from migraines to parasites to genetics can be a cause for cysts. And because they can happen anywhere, getting a cyst treated is something that takes the right care to do correctly.

Cyst removal is one of the easiest procedures we carry out here at the clinic. Thanks to our use of radio surgery, cyst removal has become a straight forward procedure with almost zero risk of you being left with any visible marks or scars after treatment. We treat cysts the same way we do moles and take the utmost care in making sure we remove it without any problems occurring.

We use radio surgery to remove cysts in a way that is quick and practically pain free. Using radio frequency as the main part of the surgery process, we can target a very precise area that the cyst has taken over. Because its under the skin ever so slightly, it can be seen as more painful than a mole that sits above the surface. We take care with the removal and allow the frequency to quickly break down the contents of the cyst.

To find out more about cyst removal and radio surgery, visit our radio surgery page here where you can watch a video of what happens during a mole removal. Its a great way of seeing just how radio surgery works.