Laser Hair Removal: Creating Perfect Smoothness

laser hair removal treatment

Here at Snowberry Lane we use advanced laser hair removal treatments to create a permanent solution to what for many people is a life long problem. In this week’s blog we gave you a little insight in to how we’re able to do it.

After last month’s Tattoo removal blog post, we had a lot of enquiries about laser hair removal. Most customers who called the clinic (you can request a callback from us any time you like) wanted to know what exactly happens in the process, what the risks are and many other common questions. So in this post we’re going to answer these common points, but firstly, let’s watch a video of Dr.Gabriel explaining laser treatments at Snowberry Lane.

What does laser hair removal do?

When you use tweezers or wax body hair, you’re pulling out one single hair at a time but not addressing the root (literally) of the hair. The follicle is where a hair begins to grow just under the surface of the skin. The most obvious example of when people notice a follicle at play is when we get ingrown hairs. We’ve all had a troublesome hair in the past take up pride of place in an unwanted area and when this happen we can see the bottom of the follicle at work. When the follicle remains, it just grows and grows. This is where a laser can be used to stop this action.

a hair follicle

How does it actually remove hair?

If you look at the image above, you can get a good idea of how a hair sits in the body. That bit just under the skin is where the root of growth begins. Wax and tweeze a hair out and that bit of the bottom will start growing again. Traditional methods can’t address the issue of stopping that growth form occurring. Lasers can though. They can gradually wear down hairs in the growth process to the point where they aren’t able to grow any more.

What are the risks of this type of treatment?

Due to the non-invasive nature of the treatment, a patient runs very little risk of there being any problems from this type of treatment. This is some very mild discomfort during a treatment, but a patient won’t be spending hours or days afterwards with aches and pains.

How many treatments does a person need?

It all depends on the hair type, location and size of the follicle. For very small areas it can simply be 1 to 3 treatments, but most patients need roughly 5 or 6 to make sure hairs are permanently removed.

Where can I get more information about laser hair treatments?

We have a brochure with all the information you’d need for this type of treatment which you can get on our download a brochure page. And you can always email the clinic too.