Laser Tattoo Removal: Watching It Happen

laser tattoo removal treatment

Laser Tattoo Removal. It’s a treatment which we are seeing more and more enquiries about every week here at Snowberry Lane. The majority of those who talk with us over the phone about the procedure ask the same question:
Is it going to be painful?

laser tattoo removal treatment

We like to think it won’t be as painful as originally getting a tattoo originally was.

The best way to highlight the process is by showing your the process with a video of a tattoo removal taking place at Snowberry Lane.

In the video you can see how Ann Gabriel performs the treatment using a special laser known as a q switch laser. This laser works on treatment areas in very short bursts using a strong laser pulse. this pulse causes the ink of the tattoo to dissipate. The laser acts in an instant fashion, as you can see in the video.

Another major question we get asked about this treatment is whether it leaves what is known as “ghosting” or “scarring”. After a treatment is carried out, a patient will expect to see some whitening around the area where the tattoo was and it might be slightly raised. There might also be a slight level of bleeding from the area, but one shouldn’t worry as this is a great sign that the treatment has worked.

Now the results you get from an initial treatment all depend on how detailed and big a tattoo is. Those with a simple tattoo can get excellent results in just one session. If you’re tattoo is very colourful and large, it can take a few sessions to break down the ink properly and make sure the surrounding area of skin resembles what it originally looked like. Factors like dye colour can either make it a one time treatment or a multiple treatment type.

Treatments don’t happen on a day to day or week by week basis. We need time to let the skin recover to see how well a treatment was gone. This intervening period normally lasts two months. If your tattoo was an amateur tattoo, it would require two to five treatments here in the clinic. If your tattoo was professionally done, it normally takes anywhere between five to ten treatments to get rid of the ink as best as we possibly can.

If you want to know more about tattoo removal here at Snowberry Lane, you can read more about it on our tattoo removal page by clicking here.

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