Lipcare for Christmas

It’s the time of year where bitterly cold mornings lead to cracked lips that can sting and cause discomfort. A lot of people will neglect skincare for the lips and surrounding area. Make sure you’re not one of them by taking our advice on the blog today. We’ll ensure you have perfectly plump winter lips in no time at all. And we’ll also showcase how the clinic can help anyone with year round lip issues.

Lipcare can be simple

The lips are a very important part of the face and something that should be cared for. When patients visit the clinic looking for help with their lip problems, we often find that they take a lot of care with their lips and it’s more a case of the fullness being an issue, or simply that there are small wrinkles and lines around the mouth. If you find yourself looking at your lips a lot and wondering if there’s anything that can be done to improve their appearance, get in touch with the team here at Snowberry Lane and request a consultation on what we can do for you.

You can make balm at home

If you find yourself at a loss at home and your lips are quite dry and chapped, there is a scrub you can make for them in your kitchen. Simply grab a teaspoon of honey, sugar and oil. Heat the honey for a few seconds in a microwave, then add oil (preferably a sweet oil), then add the sugar and stir it. After a few seconds it will look the same as a scrub you’d find in a high-street store, only without any preservatives and is great at relieving pain on your lips. If you put it in a small jar you can keep it about the house too.


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If you’re interested in lasting improvements

Now if you are looking for fuller lips that look great not just at Christmas but all year round, we have one treatment in particular that works very well. It’s called Permalip and is fantastic as its fully customisable treatment for lips of any shape and size. It’s a small silicon based implant that can mimic the natural shape of one’s lip line and provide a much more natural looking plump for your mouth, without a trout pout in site.

We also have dermal fillers which are great at enhancing the lip line if the patient has texture issues on the skin around the lips and mouth.

If you’d like to know more about the treatments we can provide male patients, get in touch with the clinic today and request a consultation with one of our experts by clicking here.

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