Look After Your PermaLips

It’s getting really cold outside. Frosty mornings are here to make sure your lips feel hard and can crack when not looked after.  It’s a problem that sees the sales of chap sticks and balms rise dramatically as everyone panics about how their lips look.

If you’ve been noticing your lips aren’t looking as good as they used too and are missing some of their oomph, you might want to consider a treatment we have to offer that has been reviving life in to the lips of many clients. It’s called PermaLip and is a natural looking alternative to dermal fillers.


We offer PermaLip implants here at Snowberry Lane. If you’ve never heard of them before then let us give you a brief insight. It’s a removable implant (despite what the name says) made from soft silicon that is inserted to make your lips have greater definition. It can be adjusted to suit any size of mouth and doesn’t feel unnatural because it’s a soft implant.

It’s a procedure that doesn’t hurt at all. We carry it out under local anaesthetic. The implant is inserted from one end of your lip where visible signs of scarring can’t be seen. The small implant is threaded through and then centred. We put one in each side because it helps your lips a lot more natural by not interfering with the bridge of your upper lip.

No other lip treatments offer results quite as remarkable as this and we think it does a fantastic job. Find out more about PermaLip by looking at the treatment page here.