Looking at Brown Spots & Hyperpigmentation

Continuing on with theme of skin related issues we’ve been writing about over the last month, we though this post would be a good place to talk about how to deal with brown spots and hyperpigmentation on the skin. These are two conditions which affect a lot of people, irrelevant of their skin tone or age.

brown spots

A good place to start would be helping someone know just what brown spots and hyperpigmentation look like. Now brown spots aren’t warts, but areas of the skin where there can be darker spots or streaks that don’t match with the rest of your skin tone. Think of them as freckles that have been pulled out of shape and you’ll get a better understanding of how they sit on your skin. Hyperpigmentation is where the pigments, that control skin colour, overwork and leave you with patches that are caused through overproduction of melanin. It won’t cause your body any harm, but it can be a massive knock to your confidence if you are experiencing it in a very exposed area such as your face or neck.

The main treatments we have for brown spots and hyperpigmentation on skin are microdermabrasion, facial peels (both chemical and non-chemical) and obagi.

spots on the back

Microdermabrasion is quite an unusual treatment we offer here at the clinic. You won’t find yourself be treating with a laser or peel, but with some very special crystals. We move medical crystals over problems areas that can smooth the skin and make sure that all those new skin cells dying to get out and make their appearance get a chance to. We have had a good number of clients over the years talk of how it is a weird procedure due to its painlessness and how it feels quite like royalty to be treated with crystals.


Obagi, or to give it its full name ‘Obagi Nu Derm® System’, is a treatment that aims to bring new skin to the surface by increasing what is known as cellular turnover. All the tissue from the deep layers of your skin all the way to the surface are constantly undergoing change. With the help of Obagi, we can make that change work in a manner that brings uniformity to the skin. What do we mean by that? Well after treatment, skin which might have previously had some brown spots and brings a supremely positive change to the mottled pigmentation of the face, reducing the appearance of freckles dramatically.

We also use Obagi in some of our skin peels. The Obagi Blue Peel is able to not only give skin a youthful look, but is a great treatment for addressing hyperpigmentation by rebalancing the levels of oestrogen in the face.Now these are just a few of the treatments we do. We have a lot of options that we think would suit anyone and can promise they do wonders for brown spots and hyperpigmentation.

You can check out our brown spot treatment page here.
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